Having A Bad Day? Gurgaon’s Breakroom Lets You Break And Smash Things To Your Heart’s Content

It is a perfect Monday morning. Hungover from last night’s party stunts, caffeine shots since the morning and loads of work staring at my screen, nothing could be more Monday-like. On top of that if you’re having a hard time with your boss or your girlfriend just dumped you or your boyfriend is simply not ready to forget the fight last night of you have your own personal version of hell playing right in front of your eyes, here we have a remedy!

Yes, the place of your farthest and wildest dreams (umm, apart from doing things on the beach!) is actually there. You can vent out the anger. the frustration and actually break things to your heart’s content, and no, it won’t cost you a couple of glasses or your phone’ screen in the heat of the moment.

A new venture called Breakroom in Gurgaon is the first of it’s kind in India, where people can come, demolish stuff and unlock their demons without causing any threat to life or stuff that you would actually regret when that anger episode is over!


In an interview to Scoop Whoop News, The CEO and Founder Breakroom, Sanwari Gupta said, 

“Last year my partner heard about this concept and we thought about introducing it to Delhi. We just launched The Break Room (two weeks ago), but the concept has definitely captured people’s interest and we have got some customers”

Where is this inspired from?

While concepts like this are quite popular in Dallas, Melbourne, Toronto and Serbia called as Rage Room or The Anger Room, we are quite excited that India too has one of its own now! 


Who all can go? 

If you’re 18 or above, the place is open for you via an ID card. You can select the pricing that suits you best from the menu card!


Why waste so much stuff on anger?

”We buy items that are junk or not working anymore but in a solid condition, that is, not already broken or damaged. Once they are broken in our break room – we send the pieces for recycling. So for people who think we are wasting resources – we are not, just making more use out of scrap”, Sanwari justifies!

Would Indians like the concept? 

According to the people who have tried this, here is their verdict!

  • “I felt like a kid being able to break whatever I want, and not worry”
  • “It was soooo fun”
  • “I felt like I was reliving a movie scene”
  • “I didn’t know I was this strong”
  • “This is a great workout

Does this promote violence?

So a concept where you are allowed to unleash your anger can be really doubtful to some people. Does this anywhere justify violence?

According to a report in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. It only reinforces the link between being angry and acting in an aggressive manner. As a result, future aggressive behavior becomes more common.

However, Professor Novaco, professor of psychology and social behavior at The University of California acknowledges that the concept may be ‘goofy’, but it has some therapeutic value by helping people alleviate tension. “Anger Room might give people a way to bash things up and get it out of their system. But life’s problems remain,” he says.


So anybody losing their temper? Well, you know what’s your Plan A! Whether this actually works and saves you from a lot of collateral damage or not, its for you to find out!

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