Break Up Sex: The Good, The Bad, And The Better Truths Of Getting Under The Sheets One Last Time!

Breakup sex is bittersweet. It’s passionate. It’s demanding. It’s squeezing all of the emotions involved in your relationship into a few hours and making love to each other one last time.

Can you really handle that?
Most people can’t.

That’s probably why it doesn’t happen so often. But if it does, you might as well be prepared. Here’s all you need to know.

The Good

A lot of people find break up sex even better than make up sex. Being the last time, the lack of constraint is probably what makes it so exciting. It’s very much like going on a diet. You say, “I’ll start tomorrow, but today I’m going to treat myself to the last piece of cake.”

When people break up for non-romantic reasons like different life plans and loss of love,  breakup sex is a great way to express that the caring remains despite the separation.


The Bad

In some cases, breakup sex can honestly just add fuel to the fire.

If it’s really that good, it might just generate second thoughts about the breakup.

If you do have break up sex, do it only if you’re completely ready to let go of them, and not to manipulate your partner into staying. You have to understand that like all no strings attached arrangements, it is temporary, and it will end after the act.

Also, don’t take your partner on a sexcapade and then dump them before checking out. It’s just going to make them feel used and bitter.


The Better

Break up sex is definitely a risky business but experts say when you do it right, it can actually provide closure.

Just because the two of you aren’t great long-term partners doesn’t mean you can’t still appreciate the physical connection you shared.

Plus, it’s hot, full of passion, and feels really good because your needs are met, no questions asked. It’s also practical, considering you won’t be getting any action for a while.


So really, break up sex isn’t all bad, as long as you’re emotionally mature to differentiate break up sex from make up sex. Just know when to stop, and how to escape the possible awkward silence that might follow.

It is, after all, just one for the road.

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