15 Greatest Box Office Clashes In The In The History Of Bollywood

Doesn’t it suck when you walk into a party and someone else is wearing the exact same thing as you?

But now imagine the dress costs millions and millions of rupees and has taken years to produce. That’s probably what it feels like to work really hard on a film and realize someone else decided to ruin your Box office debut with a film of their own.


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The most iconic Hindi films of all time competed with the lesser known Jai Santoshi Maa back in 1975. Sholay outdid JSM back then, but both were appreciated nonetheless.


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Ghayal ended up winning seven Filmfares, including one for best film. Sunny Deol won a National Award for his performance in the film. Still, Dil remains one of Aamir Khan’s best remembered.


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Even though Chamatkar has a bit of a cult following owing to its cooky premise, both movies were relatively unsuccessful at the box office.


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Baazigar was a huge deal for Shah Rukh Khan’s career, establishing SRK as a solid bet even while playing an anti-hero. It outdid Bedardi severely in terms of Box Office earnings.


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Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor delivered hard with this blockbuster. Ghatak performed well too, mainly thanks to Sunny Deol’s box office draw.


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Kuch Kuch Hota Hain wasn’t exactly a risky move, but releasing it in the exact month as a film starring both Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda was a memorable clash. KKHH was the clear winner here though, while Bade Miyan Chote Miyan still did well, its success was just eclipsed.


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Considering Mohabbatein got SRK and Amitabh Bachchan to share the screen for the very first time, it was and remains a timeless entertainer. And even though Mission Kashmir might arguably be the better contender, it didn’t do as well financially.


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Even though Lagaan is one of India’s best remembered and most quotable movies, Gadar outdid it at the box office. This weekend clash is particularly Golden in the history of Indian cinema, for obvious reasons.


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One of the most publicized clashes in movie history, OSO and Saawariya took over the collective consciousness for an unnecessary amount of time. The countless comparisons between the debuting females and Ranbir Kapoor’s infamous towel flash. Saawariya tanked though, with OSO taking the clear box office lead.


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Tonal differences aside, both films had a lot of hype surrounding their releases. Both movies did very well at the box office, however. Making Taare Zameen Par a successful directorial debut for Aamir Khan and Welcome another in Akshay Kumar’s great Box Office run.


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In a post-Bahubali 2 world, it’s hard to think of any production house as wanting to compete with Bahubali, but if anyone could, it would be one of Salman Khan’s Eid blockbusters. Which worked out considering both crossed the 500 crore rupee mark.


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Considering the long production cycle of Bajirao Mastani, the release date was scheduled prior to Dilwale, but considering Dilwale took ten months to shoot, both did remarkably well.


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Even though Mohenjodaro boasted of a huge budget and the kind of historical dramas that audiences love, Rustom was the one that ended up being the third highest grossing film of that year. Mohenjodaro received negative reviews and did poorly all around.


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Karan Johar and Ajay Degn’s clash played out dramatically on screen, but ADHM ended up making more at the Box Office.


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Even though Raees might look like a clear winner at first glance, Kaabil garnered many positive reviews and Hrithik Roshan and director Sanjay Gupta were praised for their thriller allegedly inspired by Koren revenge flicks.

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