These Illustrations Are What Every Bookish Nerd Will Relate To

Book lovers often land themselves in awkward situations because of their love and admiration for literature. 


Bookish nerds have their own little world full of books they love and this world doesn’t really match up with the reality where we all eventually reside. This is bound to create conflict in their minds and they end up finding comfort and solace in these books.


Reading Quirks is a webcomic series, created by the team from the Dallas-based bookstore The Wild Detectives and drawn by Laura Pacheco, a talented cartoonist from Spain. These comics depict everyday things that Bookish nerds go through.

We combined a few of our favorite ones for you to cherish these little joys of reading:
















We could all have access to all the technology in the world right now but nothing beats the feel of crisp pages and the fragrance of books. Don’t forget to share your love for these wonderful creation by mankind in the comment section!

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