These Bollywood Remakes Of Popular Hollywood Films Were Actually Good!

Whenever we hear the words ‘Bollywood’ and ‘remake’ in the same sentence, our hearts are filled with dread. Usually, Bollywood makes a mess of any Hollywood film put in front of them. (Remember Players?)

But on the rare occasion that Bollywood actually gets it right, they actually do a good job. We can literally count the number of times Bollywood adapted a Hollywood film and did not COMPLETELY ruin it.

Here are 6 instances, when Bollywood attempted to recreate a classic Hollywood film, and did not suck.

#1 Baazigar


Much before Darr, Baazigar had Shahrukh Khan playing a negative role, and prove his versatility as an actor. But the film itself was a remake of the American thriller, ‘A Kiss Before Dying’.

#2 Ghulam


Aamir Khan’s Ghulam was a superb crime drama, which became famous for the ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ song. It was a remake of ‘On The Waterfront’.

#3 Chachi 420


Kudos to the makeup artiste who made Kamal Hassan almost unrecognisable in this laugh riot. But it wasn’t an original idea, as Robin Williams has already done the aunty act in Mrs. Doubtfire.

#4 Hum Tum


This was Saif Ali Khan’s first solo hit (for which he also won a National Award, weirdly enough). Hum Tum was a nice rom-com, which had some heartwarming moments and funny one-liners. But the film was a copy of the Hollywood classic, ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

#5 Black


Black was a milestone movie in Indian cinema. It swept most of the awards that year, and rightly so. However, the story of Helen Keller was already adapted in the film ‘Miracle Worker’. Personally, though, I feel Black is the better movie.

#6 Sarkar


Most cinemagoers know that Sarkar was a remake of the legendary Godfather. It is an achievement for Ram Gopal Verma that the film did not completely suck. It was a half-decent attempt at recreating the classic. Surely, Amitabh Bachchan did a good job of salvaging this.

Any more Hollywood movies which had decent Bollywood versions? Sound off in the comments below!

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