These Logical Questions Completely Demolish The Plot Of Our Favourite Bollywood Movies

 Some movies are like a monument built of glass. They look amazing but can be shattered to pieces with a stone called ‘logic’.

Bollywood is a spectacle for a huge chunk of Indian population. Families plan their weekends around the movie that is releasing that Friday. Considering that movie time in our country is loosely equated with a good time with family, we often ignore the fact that most of our movies suffer from a lack of logical consistency.
We, at Daily Social, decided to take it upon ourselves and kholo your aankhein about this. Here are a few Bollywood movie plot-holes which can be blown away with one question but you probably never thought of these.

1. Gangs of Wasseypur

When Sardar Khan bombs the Qureshis’ neighborhood on Muharram day, many men are hitting themselves on the streets. But Muharram is a Shia Muslim festival and early in the film, the narrator says that all are Sunnis in Wasseypur.

2. Bhool Bhulaiya

Avni/Manjulika with her identity disorder (DID?) was the actual cause of all “paranormal” events. Then who threw that big ass lock at Rajpal Yadav’s Chote Pandit, if she and her husband hadn’t even arrived at the house at that point of the story?
plot hole

3. Tees Maar Khan

According to the song Sheila ki Jawani, Sheila’s full name is Sheila Kijwaani. We hear what we want to.

4. Partner

It’s ‘pump up the jam’ not ‘po pappi chae’ in Soni de Nakhre.

5. Krrish

Rohit’s wife gets pregnant even though Rohit hasn’t met his wife in 3 years. Even if we agree that Rohit’s wife had an extra-marital affair, her kid wouldn’t get superhuman abilities.

6. Anand

How is Rajesh Khanna so plump and healthy in Anand if he’s suffering from intestinal cancer?

7. Kahaani

How is the investigation into a major case of terrorism closed in two years? Why is the terrorist’s profile still on the records of the government office he worked for? Why don’t the cops check the call records of the dead contract killer? Vidya Balan’s when she tells them that her husband called her every day from Kolkata from a certain guest house?

8. Pink

If we keep all our morality and sense of social justice aside, the plot of Pink can be shattered to pieces by telling the boys and/or girls one thing – had they not been our of the house that late, nothing would have happened. Koi bahar hota hi nahi toh itna bawaal hi nahi hota. Ghar pe baithke TV dekho sab.
Is there any other plot hole that you’d like to mention? Do let us know in the comment section.
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