Bollywood Music Starter Pack: 10 Songs To Listen To When You Are Really Pissed Off!

Bollywood songs you need to add to your playlist when you want to calm the f***k down!

We listen to music when we are happy, sad or just bored. But did you know that if you listen to angry songs when you are pissed off can help you blow some steam? Yes, that is right! Listening to music that conveys anger will help you calm down in a positive way without lashing out on people. So in turn, you are channeling emotions the right way and still maintaining your relationships with people intact.

Angry music is often associated with metal and rock music. But if you don’t listen to either of them, you still have hope and don’t have to look to far. Bollywood has some great music, in case you need to channel your frustration.

#1. When you’ve just fought with your significant other

#2. When you are late for a meeting and the autowallahs/taxiwallahs refuse to ply!

#3. When people in public transport don’t understand the meaning of personal space and are all over you with their stinky armpits!

#4. It’s been half hour and you’ve been waiting for someone for longer than your patience will allow you.

#5. When people take you for granted and push you too far.

#6. Listen to this when you are this close to punching someone in the face.

#7. Don’t you hate when people play mind games and test your limits?!

#8. Someone better run or they will face your wrath!

#9. Calm down the boiling anger in your soul with this song. The chorus will keep you cool in the toughest times!

#10. When you can vividly imagine all the things you would do the person who pissed you off! But you don’t want to end up in jail.

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