6 Unfortunate Bollywood Trends Of The Early 2000s That People Tried To Pull Off And Failed

Bollywood has produced many things and not all of it is good. Take KRK’s career for example.

But not all of it is bad. Some of it is terrible. Because unlike many other countries, India takes a lot of its cues from Bollywood. Think about it, if it weren’t for Bollywood, how would people know what songs to get drunk to? Or what the meaning of nepotism is.

But the worst sins Bollywood tends to commit os forcing terrifying fashion trends down our throat and none worse than those that came in the early 2000’s. From hairstyles that drove stylists to suicide to kurtas that confused the shit out of tailors.

In Bollywood, there has never been a shortage of ways to look like a complete moron.

#1 Rani Mukherjee’s Collared Kurtas From Bunty And Babli

Dear god, why?



Who took a look at kurtas and thought – “You know what this fuss free garment needs? A collar the size of Rani Mukherjee’s bank account.” And the rest was history. And it’s not like they used any demure colours, no. They insisted on making our eyes bleed at the same time our collars were being scraped raw.

#2 Abhishek Bachchan’s Hairband

How else can you look like a 12-year-old schoolgirl when you’re a 30-year-old man?


This was more of a national phenomenon than most things that year.

From dads who watched television to boys who hated haircuts, nobody was safe from the black metallic horror that was this hairband.

#3 John Abraham’s Straightened Hair

See, there’s nothing inherently wrong with straight hair. After all, we’re Indian, a lot of people have it. But as for men with straightened hair, let’s just take a look at John Abraham.


Source (L), (R) 

See how handsome that man is?

See how sharp that jawline looks?

Now look in the mirror. Do you look like that? if yes, my Facebook link is below. If not…cut your hair. You look like a mop.

#4 Kareena Kapoor’s Bell Bottoms

Actually, we might be wrong to just blame her. Hrithik Roshan took part in this horror as well. Till it clearly became too hard for him so he just gave up and ran.



But you have to give props to the ingenious costume technician who coped with low budgets by taking all the unused material from Ms Kapoor’s blouses and sewed them on to her trousers. Save on money and sweep the floors all in one stroke.

As a victime of this who literally slept in her bell bottoms, the hatred burns brighter than most.

#5 Cleavage NOW FOR MEN!




 Thing is, I can’t point out which movie exactly this trend arose out of. It just feels like they took one look at Akshay Kumar from the 90’s and thought “That, but thoda aur neeche.”

And for a trend that looked as hideous on screen as it did off screen, all we can say is – Neckline to gir gayi, uske saath aap bhi.

#6 T-Shirts With Holes



Source (L), (C), (R)

What is with men and showing off their bits nobody wants to see? Dicks are even understandable…I’m sure someone out there is interested in taking a look.  I’m talking about nipples. Nobody wants to see those. Ever.

There’s a reason a lot of animated movies just avoid putting them on altogether.

So naturally, if we don’t want to see Hrithik Roshan’s nipples, we don’t want to see yours.

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