If Bollywood Was Based In Delhi, This Is How The Movies Would Look

It’s that time of year again when there’s a nip in the air and smog and smoke so heavy, it’s getting harder to see the bright side of life.
So we did what we do best and came up with something to make you laugh. Here are 8 Bollywood movies with their titles reworked to address the air pollution the country’s capital city is currently facing.
Consider this an effort to make you feel better in the knowledge that you’re not the only one struggling to make it through this time of year.









Creative Credits: Sachneet Singh

Graphic Credits: Nitin Aggarwal

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After spending pretty much all of my teen years waiting for a Hogwarts letter that never came, I gave up and settled for being a wizard with words instead. A hopeless romantic, when I’m not penning down short stories, I’m busy imagining my own happily ever after.

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