These Bollywood Actors Have Performed High-Risk Stunts On Their Own

From exciting car chase scenes to thrilling fight sequences, we’ve seen our film heroes do it all.

While many stars resort to using a body-double for such sequences, there are a few actors who go the extra mile and perform the dangerous stunts on their own.

1. Akshay Kumar


If you know little about the Akshay Kumar then you might know that he is quite a disciplinarian. He is an athlete and is one of those actors who believe in a healthy lifestyle. He is also known as the stuntman of Bollywood.

The International Khiladi is known to be an action man in any movie. He doesn’t think twice before doing any death-defying stunts. He even went to the extent of jumping from a plane to a hot air balloon.

2. Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik Roshan is also known for performing his own stunts. While he is known for his dancing and acting, but not many know that he doesn’t prefer stunt doubles.

He performs all the stunts himself. He didn’t budge from doing his own water-skiing stunts. Most of the stunts in Bang Bang have been performed by him.

3. Katrina Kaif


Katrina is one of the fittest celebs in the industry. Most of her coworkers have nothing but praise for the hard work she puts in for everything.

The Chikni Chameli lady has performed quite a lot of stunts in the movies. Reportedly, she performed many of the action scenes in Dhoom 3, Ek Tha Tiger, Bang BangPhantom, Jagga Jasoos and Tiger Zinda Hai.

4. Amitabh Bachchan


Amitabh Bachchan was known for doing all the stunts in the movie. His infamous action scene in the movie, Coolie led him to bed rest in the hospital for two weeks.

This injury has till now keeps troubling him every now and then. Big B did all his stunts – Coolie, Don, Namak Halaal, Hum etc.

5. Shahrukh Khan


Shahrukh Khan is an actor that might have been part of almost all genres. While he is famous for his romantic roles, the King Khan has even performed quite a few action scenes without stunt doubles.

Whether its Raees, Happy New Year or Dilwale, Shahrukh Khan has performed his own stunt scenes. In fact, in Raees, (the above picture) he wasn’t even wearing any safety harness!

6. Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka is already ruling Bollywood and Hollywood, with her amazing acting and singing skills. This actress has done it all. While she is known for her roles she enacts, she also performs quite a few stunts on her own.

She has done in Don series, in few scenes of Marykom and Quantico.

7. Shraddha Kapoor


Tiger in an interview said that the action in Baaghi was challenging for both of them to pull off, adding, “Shraddha’s had no experience with action films before or much (martial arts) training.

She didn’t even have too much time to prepare for the role, but in Baaghi, she makes the action on screen look like she’s been doing it for years”.

8. Sonakshi Sinha


We don’t see much of Sonakshi Sinha these days but whatever roles she enacts, she makes sure that she leaves a strong impact on her fans.

She is known for her badass action scenes in Force 2 and Akira. She was trained in martial arts.

9. Taapsee Pannu


Her brief role in Baby impressed everyone, especially the hand to hand combat scene. She actually performed it herself! She learnt judo, MMA, and even Krav Maga for her role in the Baby spinoff Naam Shabana.

10. Tiger Shroff


Tiger Shroff is known to perform dangerous stunts on his own. He has established himself has the industries as one of the fittest and talented actors.

He is trained in martial arts and is one of the  youngest to perform many acrobatic stunts in films like Heropanti, Baaghi and A Flying Jatt.

Like any other article, I have to give a disclaimer – Please do not perform any stunts on your own because if you do and break your body parts, the writer of this article will refuse to take any responsibility.

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