10 Unintentionally Funny Comments You Will Only Find On Indian Actors’ Pictures

Bollywood actors lead a pretty charmed life right?



They have money, gym memberships and get to eat at the kind of restaurants where food is served on tiny plates.

But not everything about being a movie star is easy. There are moments where they must truly be questioning the world around them. Some of these moments being when “fans” decide to show their appreciation.

Because some take it a step too far and venture into the territory of the unintentionally hilarious. Because if you’re going to be a pervert, might as well entertain people while you’re it.

#1 Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif was famously not one for social media and all its trappings. Which means when she did finally decide to make her Instagram account, the entire world was watching.

Because clearly, the entire world has nothing better to do. And even though there was a whole host of comments that were simply creepy, this one was a masterpiece.


#2 Suniel Shetty

Looking at Suniel Shetty both in his hay-day and currently, there’s nobody who would possibly think that he is easily bullied, or ridiculed or shamed. Mostly because his upper arm is about at think as the throat of the person trying to troll him.

But still, he has an internet renaissance in the past few months and despite the scores of people who were excited about the actor’s new look, there was this one brave soul who decided to go with this inappropriate gem.


#3 R Madhavan

R Madhavan has always been popular in certain circles because of his talent and charisma.

But he has become more popular recently for being a certified “daddy”. Would this mean he has the warmth and approachable demeanor of a beloved father figure? No.

It means he looks more attractive than a man of his age deserves to be. which is probably what led to –


#4 Esha Gupta

We’re in 2017. Which means we should all be aware of the fact that women wear bras and underwear.

But sometimes, it would seem that we tend to forget. Which is the only possible explanation for the downpour of shadiness that is Esha Gupta’s comment section? In fact, it’s so tasteless, we’re no able to show most of them off.

But there is one comment that pretty much sums up what everyone else was trying to say.


#5 Tapsee Pannu

This time the flurry of comments that went up around the actress’ picture was creepy, but with a healthy helping of moral policing.

Because how can you compliment a woman about her appearance without insisting that she’s single-handedly corrupting a country’s moral code?

But kudos to the one guy who decided to congratulate the actress on her ‘washboard abs’, fewer kudos because he forgot about the word ‘washboard’.


#6 Milind Soman

There’s never a lack of playfully tharki people online. They’re everywhere. When you least expect them.

And if anyone has had ot deal with their fair share of overenthusiastic online fans, it’s Milind Soman. The unnaturally fit and dapper actor has his own little fan club who are happy to inform him about how much they appreciate his appearance.

But we can’t help but applaud this individual who came up with the ultimate shady uncle pick up line on Milind Soman.

#7 Oh Look, R Madhavan Again…

A question to all the gents out there – have you ever told a woman she makes your testicles explode?

Or, an even more important question – has a woman ever made your testicles explode?

If yes then you understand this woman’s intense discomfort.


#8 Anushka Sharma

So typically, when creeping on people, it makes sense to have a basic understanding of human anatomy. For example, when men cringe after getting kicked in the balls, we know why this has happened. Which is why we apologize.

But it’s a shame when you are not only being a pervert online but also completely misunderstanding how a woman’s body works. Why else would you refer to her breasts as “rear pieces”


#9 Hrithik Roshan

The whole “He’s so sexy I almost died” thing is pretty common. What better way to leave this world than to be staring creepily at Hrithik Roshan’s crotch.

But our heart goes out to this young lady who is not only impressed, she is deceased. Dead and gone and it is Hrithik’s crotch-V that will bring her back to life.


#10 Deepika Padukone

Wrist actress ever.


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