Strangers In Delhi Met And Sang ‘Bol Na Aunty’ At CP & We Have Officially Seen It All!

Just when you’d thought that the internet was done amusing you, this event in Delhi happened and it has set new standards of making internet memes into reality. What started as a joke actually turned into an event with hundreds of people gathering at Cannaught Place, Delhi and screaming ‘Bol Na Aunty’ 

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For those of you who seem a little lost here and are clueless about ‘Bol na Aunty’ then you need to brace yourself as we are about to introduce you to the rap king of India, Rapper Omprakash! 


In 2015, this sensation released a rap song on the internet ‘Aunty Ki Ghanti’ that, as the name suggests, is about a boy having hots for an aunty in the neighborhood. The video remained unheard of for a very long time and then Dhinchaka Pooja happened, her craze wore off sooner than we thought and we made way for ‘Bol Na Aunty’. 

When the event was created, we along with a lot of others treated it like a joke but then the unimaginable happened and people were on the streets screaming ‘Bol Na Aunty’. About 6 in the evening, the youth of the country, that is also apparently the future of this country, stepped out of their homes and chanting this revolutionary song. 

Here, watch the video to believe:

You can also check out the event page to see all the fun that the people had! Yes, people had fun.

Oh and for all those sitting in Mumbai hoping they could be in Delhi to attend this once in a lifetime opportunity kinda concert, we have good news. It’s happening in Mumbai too!

Go ahead Mumbai youth, show the Delhi people they’re not the only ones ruining the future of the country. 

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