7 Thoughts All Of Us Have When The Board Exam Results Are About To Be Announced

There is nothing scarier than board exam results. Although, I am done with my ‘board exam phase’, my past still gives me nightmares. The pressure of getting a high score paired with scoring higher than your friends and basically everyone your parents know is too much!

Before even the results are out you are sorted into your college faculties. The expectation and the race to get into best colleges at times is too much to deal with.

A week before the results are announced, you start having thoughts like these.

1.I hope everyone I know scores horribly.

giphy (7)

2.I hope they cancel the announcement, forever.

giphy (9)

3.I should probably just pack my bags and run away.

board exam result

4.I should have studied harder

board exam result

5.Is this all my life will be like from now on?

board exams

6.Maybe average life is not so bad after all.

board exam results

7. As┬áSteve Jobs dropped out of college, if I don’t get into college I might be richer than him!

board exam results

And if the next thought you’ve had is to take your own life. Do not do it. I will stop writing this article and come and slap you, hard. I’ve been known to be good at it.┬áTrust me, the marks can get you into a good college it cannot promise you a good life. Shit happens, that’s life.

Move on and score better, tackling those marks like a boss will get you ahead in life. And if you are one of those annoying ‘scholars’ who cry because they got 99.99%, I will personally grace you and then slap you. Stop making people feel bad, dude! And you better not brag about your scores on social media!

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