BJP MLA Suggests Rape Will Be Solved If Women Don’t Have Boyfriends. How Refreshing.

The 21st century has led to some revolutionary leaps in the field of technology. Developments that have sped up the way we communicate and relate to one another.

In this era of impatience can we really blame men and women for looking for a one-stop solution to rape and sexual violence in general?


But who’s gonna step up to the plate and give people what they want? Who’s going to be the person who will solve the entire debacle in one fell swoop?

Why, Pannalal Shakya of course.


The heroic BJP MLA from Madhya Pradehs who called Virat Kohli out on his lack of patriotism for choosing to get married in Tuscany has struck a chord with the people once again.
This time, he’s offering sage advice regarding women’s safety in the country. (H/t)

So what exactly did he say?

Stop dating. No girlfriends, no boyfriends, no rape. Simple. Clean. Elegant.

A solution for the ages.

What really is the cherry on the cake has to be his claim that there is no way women are being molested because there are four separate puja’s that worship the female goddess in India.

So not only are we prohibited to date, but it would also be helpful if we just stayed away from the wet as far as possible. Fair enough, clear simple instructions deeply rooted in the worst legacies of patriarchy and nationalism that this great country has to offer.

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