The Most Bizarre Test Match In History Is Being Played Right Now Between India And Sri Lanka

So you know when we exaggerate things to make them sound more interesting? The 3rd Test Match being played between India and Sri Lanka in New Delhi is an exaggeration to an otherwise dignified format of Test Cricket.

From the Sri Lankan fielders wearing masks on the field to counter Delhi’s air quality to Sri Lanka’s inability to produce an 11th fielder, everything that shouldn’t take place on a cricket field did.

The game was stopped midway with the Sri Lankan fielders urging the umpires to stop the match owing to air quality. Virat Kohli’s patience thinned down with every mask being worn by Sri Lankan players. Soon after Kohli got out in the midst of this chaos, Sri Lankans rose to realize that there are only 10 fielders available on the field as opposed to the more traditional but mandatory number, 11.

There were talks of getting a local Delhi cricketer to field for the Sri Lankan team while they managed to locate a replacement for the 11th player. When the replacement couldn’t be located, Indian captain and Delhi boy Virat Kohli took matter into his own hands and declared the innings in a somewhat animated manner. “We’re going to field now”, Virat seemed to be saying through gestures.

Some even referred to it as a ‘forced declaration’ owing to the lack of sportsmanship shown by Sri Lankan cricketers.

But things didn’t instantly improve for the Sri Lankan players in their innings. They lost their first wicket on the very first ball. By tea, Sri Lanka were 18/2.

While Kohli and his men may have remained non-confrontational so far, Indian Twitter was in no mood to sit back. Sri Lanka was the subject of Indian Twitter’s bouncers.

Whatever the outcome of the match is, the match is going to be remembered for years to come.

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Yash Kasotia

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