10 Hotels Reveal The Most Bizarre Requests They’ve Ever Received From Guests

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever asked for at a hotel? A sea-facing view? A bottle of champagne on ice? Well, these people had no qualms about making way more bizarre requests.

What’s crazier? Most of the hotels complied!


“One guest asked us for a selection of ‘toys’ from Agent Provocateur (a U.K.-based adult clothing and novelty shop). We got to choose.”


“Do not touch the bed!’


“We once had a guest who was in town for a massage therapy seminar and asked if he could give some of our staff massages so that he could practice.”


“A bathtub full of wild goat’s milk sourced from Wales — yes, to bathe in. 30 bottles of heated Evian water to clean the pricey beverage off the customer.”


“Penguins waiting in the guest’s room, with Morgan Freeman narrating their interaction.”


“A request to help fly his girlfriend’s tiger halfway across the world to London”


“A pillow fort. A towel folded into the shape of an elephant, and a sexy picture of some fruit on the night table.”


“A framed picture of Nicholas Cage in “Con Air.”


“To attend a meeting with him and pretend to be his PA.”


“To arrange for the moon to look into his room as he wanted to propose to his girlfriend under the moonlight.”

I hope she said no.

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