8 Bizarre Condom Flavours The Bedroom Was A Better Place Without

Move over ribbed and dotted and glow in the dark. These days, it’s really flavoured condoms that liven things up in the bedroom.
Because manufacturers are straying from generic options and venturing into an array of bizarre flavours like these that’ll have you wondering “What the f**k were they thinking?”

1. Bacon

Not only do these condoms taste like bacon, they also claim to make “your meat look like meat.” Let’s just hope your lady friend isn’t on a diet, or worse, a vegetarian!

2. Whisky

Obviously, because whisky is a man’s drink and it makes “backshots” even more fun!

3. Achaar

Pickle makes everything taste better and is a welcome distraction from the task at…mouth, no?

4. Garlic

Created by The Stinking Rose, these condoms will protect him from both – vampires and any chance of this turning into something more.

5. Weed

In a desperate appeal to the masses across the globe, these pot-flavoured Cannadoms” besides being green, smell like weed too.

6. Licorice

You either love licorice or you can’t stand it. If you fall into the former category, you will like these naturally black condoms. I suppose this is what 50 Cent was selling at his Candy Shop?

7. Durian

Known for its offensive smell, this Thai fruit does taste pretty good once you get past your first impression. But then again, that’s exactly what he’d say.

8. Paan

In a country that loves its tobacco, it’s no surprise that Manforce brought to the table paan flavoured condoms. So I guess swallow, not spit?

If you’re a youngster in India, condoms aren’t things you walk into a pharmacy and buy like a boss. They’re little boxes you discreetly grab from the counter as the cashier bills your purchases.

But boy would I like to see the pharmacist’s face when I ask for one of these!

Design Credit: Nandini Naidu

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