Billions Of Aadhaar Card Details Can Be Accessed With Just ₹500, Investigation Reveals

The information being fed into the Aadhaar Database is vulnerable and can be breached. An investigation conducted by The Tribune had startling revelations.

The published report claims that the user information is not private. The investigator unveiled that anonymous sellers can have unrestricted access to the Aadhaar user details at the unimpressive charge of 500. Yes, all your private details like address, bank details etc are that cheap!


The 12 digit number is mandatory today in Banks and is a primary proof of identity. Your biometric scans and fingerprints are exposed to be breached by anyone with ₹500.

Moreover, Tribune also revealed that by paying extra 300, anyone could get the software which prints out the Aadhaar cards. This means that just by entering the Aadhaar number of an individual, their Aadhaar card can be printed out through this software.

The report states:

When contacted, UIDAI officials in Chandigarh expressed shock over the full data being accessed, and admitted it seemed to be a major national security breach. They immediately took up the matter with the UIDAI technical consultants in Bangaluru.

This obviously shook up the netizens of the country:













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