If You’re A Desi Biker You Most Definitely Have Faced These 9 Situations In Life

When it comes to India, you know that the only way to get out of traffic is through this magnificent invention called the motorcycle. Invented in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler, this two-wheeled contraption has helped us Indians accomplish the impossible. From delivering pizzas within 30 minutes to delivering rocks in iPhone boxes.

Here are some things that every regular biker has faced in his or her life.

#1.You have definitely fallen off your bike at least once

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According to me, this is a mark of a true biker, as the saying goes “When life knocks you down, you get back up”. Also, these battle scars are a really great conversation starter.

#2.Riding on the footpaths to cut through traffic

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The only reason I don’t own a car is that I value my time and would rather spend it doing something productive than just sit in a car, wait and watch other cars beside me waiting.

#3.Your bike has carried more than two passengers

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Just like the local trains, there is no limit as to how many people you can fit on your motorcycle. Whether you’re in college or working, you definitely have had more than two people backseat. My personal best has been 5 BTW.

#4.You have towed a fellow biker

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With the increasing prices of petrol, we are always running at a minimum and at some point, you have run out of fuel. So you understand the pain of pushing that vehicle to the nearest pump. And when you notice a fellow biker struggling to push the bike, you obviously lend a foot.

#5.When your bike seat feels like a frying pan when it has been parked too long in the Sun

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Yes, sitting on those hot bike seats are equivalent to getting your ass cooked. If our seats had solar panels installed in them we could probably power a cricket stadium.

#6.Forgetting to release your side stand before setting it down

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We are most of the time in a hurry to be at the movies or maybe just going to get the groceries, but there sure has been this embarrassing moment when you forget to put down the stand before letting it go.

#7.Cat scratched seats

giphy (81)

Just like how we humans are addicted to fidget spinners these Satan sent creatures are addicted to scratching the leather seats. There’s no logical explanation behind it. They are just monsters waiting to rip your seats apart.

#8.You always have a chindi kapada ready to wipe your bike

giphy-downsized-large (4)

These rags are usually stolen in less than a week. And if you don’t own one there is always one in the bike parked next to you. These kapdpa’s are usually sourced from your mother’s stash of old bedsheets, ghagras, petticoats, and more vintage clothing.

#9.Driving up directly to a shop

giphy (82)

Admit it, we Indians are lazy AF and we go to various extents to get things done easily. You have probably directly driven up to a paanwalla or a local banya to pick up a cigarette rather than parking your bike and walking up to a shop like a normal human being.

If you know of some more relatable habits I may have missed out, do share them in the comments below. Happy riding!

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