7 Reasons Why Your Partner Should Be Your Best Friend!

Getting in a relationship is one of the most serious choices that we make in our lives and it is very important to make sure that the person we plan to start spending time with and eventually also consider spending our entire lives is someone who understands us in and out.

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What could be better than spending your life with someone who’s already been an essential part of it? What could be better than spending your life with a person who’s your best friend? It is extremely important to understand each other as friends before two people decide on being partners for life. 

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 Here are 7 reasons, why your partner should be your best friend:

1) You Can Be Your True Self: Because the two of you are already close friends, there is no room for being self-conscious. The two of you can be your true self and not worry about the other person being judgmental.

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2) You Are Aware Of Each Other’s Relationship Histories: Friends don’t have to worry about sharing secrets so the two of you have either known each other since long and seen each other with different people or have been open about previous relationships as friends. When you get into a relationship without hiding anything, it tends to last longer.

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3) Process Of Adjusting Is More Smooth: The two of you are already accustomed to each other as friends and hence adapting to each other’s likes and dislikes is a smoother process. You already know what to expect from your partner and this eventually leads to lesser fights between the two of you.

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4) You Both Have Inside Jokes: You’ve had your share of fun and jokes as friends and it just makes your relationship full of smiles and laughter with each passing day. The two of you have had random moments of laughing, singing, and dancing and they remain between the two of you forever, even when you decide to get into a relationship. You’ve even coined hilarious inside words and phrases that are funny only to you both.

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5) You Can Do Childlike Things Together: There is no room for embarrassment when your partner is actually your best friend. You can fight over chocolates, skip around the park instead of walking and also argue over who’s going to lick the last portion of that leftover maggi.

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6) You Watch Movies And TV Shows Together: As friends, you already know each other’s favorite movies and TV shows and now you both don’t really mind watching it together. You’ve developed a liking for your partner’s preference of entertainment and vice-a-versa. The two of you are also likely to have the same kind of choices when it comes to movies and daily soaps!

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7) Growing Old Together Seems Easy: Imagine having to grow old with someone you once couldn’t stand! HAHA. When your partner is your best friend, growing old together seems like a fine idea. It is actually one of the best things that can happen to someone! Your relationship is based on friendship that eventually blossomed into love and there’s nothing purer than that.

Don’t you think life would be perfect if we could be friends with our partners before we decided to fall in love with them? Is the love of your life your best friend? Share your love story with us in the comment section <3

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