6 Best Actor Filmfare Nominations That Might Not Have Been The Best Choices

It’s cool to go around saying that the Filmfare Awards are useless and don’t reflect on the industry’s actual standards.

But there was a time when they were considered truly important. And still are to a degree. If anything, it’s a great opportunity to see the rich and famous embarrass themselves on a public platform. But if there are a few awards that we still manage to collectively care about it’s The Filmfare Award For Best Actor, Actress and Film.

All of these actors are talented and driven, but sometimes, the Filmfare Awards tend to randomly throw in some options that might not necessarily be the best choices artistically.

#1 Hrithik Roshan For Bang Bang (2014)


Whether or not you remember Bang Bang, there’s no doubt you’ll remember all the Mountain Dew and Pizza Hut that movie tried to peddle you. But what you don’t remember for sure, is an award-worthy performance by anyone in this film.

Hrithik Roshan dances his way into the heart of Katrina Kaif and looks great doing it. But that’s about it.

It’s not that the man can’t act, he pretended to enjoy Mountain Dew in a Pizza Hut in Shimla for god’s sake. In fact, let’s just say he deserved this one.


#2 Abhishek Bachchan For Dostana (2009)


Dostana was a brilliant film where Abhishek Bachchan pretended to be gay. It was a fun, genuinely entertaining film – if only a little problematic.

But there’s no way either him or John delivered a performance that will be remembered through the ages.

From assuming gay men prance around with their palms permanently surprised to being as effeminate as they could get him to be while standing next to John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan left no stone unturned in delivering the best performance he could while exclusively dressed in your Grandma’s stolen curtains.

Source (L), (R) 

In fact, people liked it enough to have him play the same character in Bol Bachchan.

#3 Salman Khan For Dabanng (2011, 2014)


To every Bhai fan and Bhai’s driver out there – please don’t kill me.

Thing is, Salman Khan is actually a really good actor, he has screen presence. So whether or not people critique him for doing overly commercial cinema, he promptly shuts them up by making millions by solely lending his face to a film.

But Dabangg is not a role he deserved to be nominated for. It’s iconic, yes, but wasn’t as good as his contemporaries that year.

#4 Bobby Deol For Humraaz (2003)


It’s sad that the movie’s title track included the words “Bhool na jaana” in it because that’s pretty much exactly what ended up happening to this film over time.

The film’s twist-ridden plot doesn’t age well, despite a relatively convincing performance by Akshaye Khanna as the jealous Indian boyfriend you know and love. Which is why Bobby Deol was the one who ended up getting nominated as the boorish Indian husband nobody knows or loves.


Even Amisha Patel needs ot cross the interval threshold before she considers not murdering him.

#5 Shah Rukh Khan For Chennai Express (2014)


Shah Rukh Khan has acted in a lot of films. He is a national treasure, there’s no denying that.

But everything said and done, Chennai Express is not his best work. Not only was his role one we’d seen a thousand times before, Shah Rukh Khan ended up in the film purely for star value and not for anything interesting he got to do with the role.

From misunderstood youth to misunderstood middle-aged man, he’s earned his place with brilliant performances in between, this is just not one of them.

#6 Hrithik Roshan For Dhoom 2 (2007)


Aryan or his subtlely named alter-ego “Mr A” is at the centre of Dhoom 2 story.

The athletic and sexy stuntman/mechanical genius/make-up expert/dance prodigy who keeps inspector Jai Dixit on his toes is a character few could have pulled off. But Hrithik Roshan did it magnificently, with the help of his 8 abs and infinite PAs, he actually convinces us he’s this overachieving thief with a penchant for dressing up.

But he didn’t deserve to win the award for best actor. Some might say it should have gone to Aamir Khan for his grounded performance in Rang De Basanti.

We say give it to Aishwarya Rai for acting genuinely shocked when Hrithik tells he that this is not his real face.


And acting even more shocked when he reveals his true face the next day.

She deserves this one.

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