Bengaluru Averted A Terrorist Attack- Because Of Its Bad Traffic

Yes, you read that right. Thousands of lives were saved because of Bengaluru’s infamous traffic.

According to a report in the Deccan Herald, a man named Habib Mia, arrested in Tripura and brought to Bengaluru last week, told police that terrorists who attacked IISc on December 28, 2005, also planned to attack other seminar events, to tarnish India’s reputation. However, the terrorist who was travelling to the Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B) on Bannerghatta Road apparently got caught in a traffic jam, and the seminar he was supposed to attack ended before he could get there.

bengaluru traffic


Not only this, terrorists also dropped a plan to attack PES Institute of Technology because there was no easy escape route available. Bengaluru might have become the first city in the world which combats terrorism with just bad traffic.

Anyone who has been to Bengaluru will attest to the fact that Bengaluru’s traffic is terrible. But this is probably the first time that Bengaluru’s constant traffic jams have helped the city in a major way.

bengaluru traffic


So, the next time you get stuck in a traffic jam in Bengaluru, don’t curse it. It might just be saving your life.

Report Credit- Deccan Herald

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