A Video Of This Beggar With A Hot Girlfriend Is Shocking Everyone On The Streets

The practice of begging on Indian streets has become a nuisance. Although most of us know that it is just like another business making money, we still give in. Because guilt is stronger. Or maybe we like getting duped by beggars.

This beggar, however, is duping people into something entirely different. He walks around the streets in a t-shirt and tatteredĀ pajamas asking for alms. He is seen near a bus stop begging before he is caught red-handed. By his girlfriend, who looks pretty and pretty well-to-do!

The guy apparently is lying to his girlfriend that he is at work. His girlfriend pretty much realizes the said ‘work’ involves roaming the streets and begging. They have an altercation, publicly.

People are shocked and of course, don’t know what to make of this public feud.

Only to realize they are part of a prank. A prank well done!

The prank was carried out by hidden cam in the car.

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