This Viral Video Of Cars Banging Into One Another In Dense Smog Is Not From This Year

There is a difference between smog and foggy, and Delhi, it seems you are misunderstanding the meaning because the air you are breathing is so dangerous that it has caused a health emergency in the city.


Delhi’s CM Arvind urged all primary schools to remain closed. Delhi, your condition is so bad that people can’t see anything. There is barely any visibility.

A series of tests were conducted by Greenpeace and the results tell us that the pollutants have carcinogenic chemicals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. The levels of pollutants have increased so much that it is 11 times the World Health Organisation’s safe limit.

Because of the smog, people on social media have been sharing a video. The video which has now gone viral, shows accidents happening because of smog. If you have logged on to Facebook since morning, you must have come across this viral video:

However, the truth about this video is something else.

While Delhi’s smog situation is turning worse with every year, the video doing the rounds of social media since yesterday is actually from last year. Cars banging into one another on the Yamuna Expressway in Delhi last year had received much outrage.

Indian Express had run an article in December 2016 about an accident on the Yamuna Expressway that had the same video in it.

While certain international leaders are ignorant about health issues, we can’t afford to be. We can see the effects of smog hitting us and our children. It’s not just about two-three days of low visibility and pollution but this situation has been reappearing every now and then. While the government is to be blamed, we are equally responsible. Let’s stop blaming each other and do something so that the air we breathe doesn’t kill us.

UPDATE: Since many of the comments were of the accident, we want the readers to know that due to dense fog there was an accident on Yamuna Expressway in Greater Noida but the video that has been going viral is of last year.

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