#Throwback To These 8 Beauty Trends That Defined 2016!

2016  was a big year for fashion. We saw the industry make significant efforts towards making beauty more inclusive and widening our definition of the term too.
We saw Laxmi Agarwal and Reshma Qureshi walk the ramp, and James Charles became the first male Covergirl. Suffice it to say, our understanding of beauty will never be the same again.

Let’s take a look at the top trends this year, shall we?

1. MLBB Lippies
We had nude and mauve and rosy hues making a big comeback this year, and we probably have Kylie Lip Kits to thank for that.


2. 100 Layer Challenge
A 100 layers of foundation, or dry shampoo or nail polish, or any beauty product really. Talk about taking things to an extreme. I have never seen crazier videos.

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3. Chrome Nails
Super shiny metallic talons FTW!

4. Galaxy makeup
A starry face that looks like the milky way. Not the best look to sport outside but definitely wins brownie points for visual appeal.

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5. Snapchat Inspired Makeup
There was a lot of furore over the models wearing recreated Snapchat filters as makeup as they walked down the ramp for Spanish clothing brand Desigual. People started recreating the look soon after.

6. Makeup not using Makeup
We had beauty bloggers across the globe attempt to create makeup looks with stuff like Art supplies and Kiddie makeup sets and some of them were really on point.

7. Spray On Nail Polish
Apply a basecoat, spray the polish on your nails, let dry, apply a topcoat and rinse your nails with soapy water. Voilà! Your nails are done in less than five minutes.

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8. Peel-off Makeup
Got no time (or no talent, lol) for makeup? These easy-to-use peel-off eyeshadows and lipstick tattoos were made for effortless beauty. Minimal blending required.

With these behind us, we sure have high hopes for the trends to come in 2017!

Featured Image Source: supermakeupattitude1

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