These 10 Basic Mantras Are The Key To A Happy Life!

Life is not as complicated as we tend to think of it. If we abide by some basic mantras of life, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving happiness and success.

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Living a life that is beautiful is actually not that difficult. There are some every day things that you need to keep in mind always to make sure that you don’t come home as an exhausted soul. In order to remain cheerful and live a life that is stress-free, here are 10 tips that you always need to keep in mind!

1) Stay Away From Toxic People: People who are toxic tend to give out a lot of negative energy and vibes that directly or indirectly affect our mind and body. It is very important to be around people who wish to see you prosper and have a positive aura around them.

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2) Learn To Forgive: Keeping a grudge against someone will only affect you and you will end up surrounding yourself with hatred. One must choose to forgive and move on. You will experience peace and will feel like some heavy weight has been lifted off your chest.

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3) Focus On Your Passion: It is very important to give sufficient time to your passion. In today’s time, we are so busy with our jobs and responsibilities that we forget that there are certain things that bring us immense joy. It is extremely important to remove some time and devote it to doing things that we are really passionate about.


4) There Is Time For Every Purpose: There is time to rest and there is time to act and both of them are equally important. It is necessary to divide your time wisely and have the patience for the right time.

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5) Renew Instead Of Clutter: This implies to your physical and mental surroundings. Don’t clutter thoughts in your mind, a clear mind will always be more peaceful and productive. Similarly, your house is the reflection of your personality and you must not leave it cluttered. Keep renovating your bedroom, arrange your wardrobe and make sure there is free space for things.


6) Keep Promises: If you make a promise to someone, make sure you keep it. However, it is not always possible to make sure you keep the promise you made so when you find yourself in a sticky situation, it is wiser to not keep the promise. Breaking your promise will let the other person down and will destroy your image.


7) Pay Your Bills On Time: Don’t owe anyone anything! Pay your bills on time and don’t be under debts. Treat people the way you’d want them to treat you. Learn to be independent and aim towards self-growth.

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8) Don’t Hide From Confrontations: You must learn to face adversity. Don’t wait for solutions to fall from the sky. If something bothers you, express it and cut it out from your life. Look around you and you find the right way you solve all your problems!


9) Proper Care Of Health: Even the best of minds can not function properly without good health and hence it is extremely important to take care of your body. People who take care of their physical and mental health live a happier life. Spend time with your body and learn to love it. Love yourself and you’ll realize people will love you too!

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10) Let Your Life Flow: Stop fighting with your life and accept it. You are a part of every thing and every thing is a part of you. You are the captain of your own ship but sometime’s you’ve gotta go with the flow to remain a happier person!

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Don’t waste your time thinking about all the negativity in life. These little things can change your life for good and you’ll realize how beautiful this journey is!

Don’t wanna follow my advice? Bet you can’t say no to Shahrukh!

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Keep smiling and keep spreading love <3

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