Kickstart Your Weekend Right Away With This Fantastic Single ‘Moon’ By Banat Kaur Bagga

Friedrich Nietzsche rightly said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Music is different for all of us. For some, it’s a way to escape. Others seek music for expression and be free. This is precisely what Banat Kaur Bagga has been doing.

The raw vocals of Banat Kaur Bagga in her debut single ‘Moon’ will resonate with you and will give you goosebumps. More spectacular is her simple lyrics that express what each of us has felt at various points in our lives.

Haven’t we all felt the need to be free, in our minds and our actions? We’ve all been there. Those moments when you wanted to be free from caring what other’s think about you or what society expects of you. This song through its laidback arrangement expresses the uncertainty of being a young adult, spectacularly.

“It’s about to fall
Catch it for me
I know you will
The problem is me
I feel stuck in this cage
And I need to break through
My wings aren’t clipped
And I haven’t opened them too”

Her single received great response from the internet audience, something she states was unanticipated. On a chat with us, she says that “Moon wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of Shrikant Sreenivasan from Coshish. He’s been extremely instrumental in the development of the song and also my growth as a musician.”

Banat Kaur Bagga – who comes from a Punjabi household – creates some nifty twist to Hindi and Punjabi songs too! Check her cover of  Chal Diye by Pakistani band Zeb & Haniya.

Banat Bagga is a singer-songwriter based out of Mumbai. She was also featured by Rolling Stones as new act and they streamed her debut single ‘Moon’. You can spot her playing at open mics and poetry slams in the city. She is definitely one indie artist to watch out!

Banat, we are totally ready for your EP!

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