If You Think You’re A Great Guy For Doing The Bare Minimum, Here’s A Badge For You

Men. Can’t live with them and can’t live without them. I am not going to say all men are trash. They aren’t, there are some really respectable gentlemen out there who are doing great things in life and treating everyone they see with respect. This article isn’t about these gentlemen. This is about those guys who claim to be nice by doing the bare minimum and get away with it.

Why do such people get away with it, you think? Well, because we let them. One Instagrammer @awardsforgoodboys is, however, having none of it. She is giving ‘badges’ for these guys who get away with doing the least of the little things you NEED to do to be a nice human being.

#1. Of course, he is special. Rules that apply to everyone is not applicable to him.

#2. Wow, aren’t you supposed to do that all the time, with anyone? Top marks for being respectable that one time.

#3. If you aren’t interested in that person, leave politely. Don’t keep them hanging by sending vague texts like Hi.

#4. How nice of him!

#5. Wow!

#6. uhhhhh

#7. Already blocked.

#8. Passive manipulation.

#9. Lies with self-less intentions are not that bad right???

#10. Guess, he also claims to be a feminist.

#11.Thanks for being a low-key stalker.

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