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If You Played Video Games In The 90s, You Remember Doing At Least 8 Out Of These 10 Things

90s were, undoubtedly, one of the best eras to live in. When you will tell your kids about how you got your first phone in the 10th grade, they will laugh. When you will tell that 90’s songs are still your favorite, they will tell you to put on some Justin Bieber. But for every kid […]

The Stump Mic Once Again Caught Indian Cricketers Saying The Weirdest Things During The 2nd ODI

The Men in Blue have been a formidable force in limited overs cricket for quite some time now. As India absolutely dominated the Proteas in the second One-Day International, we were treated to some phenomenal leadership on the field. The stump mic has caught it all. While Virat Kohli leads the Men in Blue from […]

A Guy Killed His Neighbour Because She Kept Asking Him If He Was Going To Get Married Soon

“When are you getting married?” is something that almost everyone in their 20s and 30s have to hear constantly. You go out to the grocery store, the owner asks you this. You go out for your cousin’s wedding, your relative pester you with this question. However, this otherwise commonplace situation escalated rather quickly when 28-years-old […]

Today I Learned Samosa And Chicken Tikka Masala Are Not Indian Dishes. My Life Has Been A Lie!

Our very own samosa was never ours. You read that right. The neatly folded, tightly packed savoury goodness that we thought belonged to our soil actually traveled here all the way from Central Asia centuries ago. Agar khaane ki ghar wapsi ho gayi, toh sab khatam ho jayega. From Egypt to Libya and from Central […]

Dravid Asks BCCI To Give Equal Reward For All Members Of The Coaching Staff And Wins Our Hearts, AGAIN!

Rahul Dravid is not just regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of his generation, but also as one of the finest human beings to have played the game. A discussion about the rise of the Indian Cricket Team is incomplete without mentioning how Dravid was the first cricketer to have given us a hope […]

Loev, A Movie About Three Men, Is Easily The Best Thing You Didn’t Watch In 2017

To stay relevant in the industry and to stay in the good books of ‘critics’, filmmakers now market the activism aspect of a movie instead of talking about the content. At a time like this, Loev comes as an original piece of art that doesn’t seem preachy but still manages to entertain you. Loev, which […]

Aiyaary Might Get Delayed Again After Defence Ministry Asks The Producers To Make Changes

After Karni Sena getting its sentiments hurt, members from the Defence ministry seem to be trying hard to prove their relevance by asking the producers of Aiyaary to make changes in their movie. Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary was refused clearance from Censor board of Film Certification after which the movie was referred to revising committee. The […]

Dear Bollywood, Stop Ruining Movies With Awful Trailers Full Of Spoilers

Bollywood has often struggled with the technicalities of filmmaking but bad trailers hurt the audiences more than the production houses. Filmmakers and production houses understand the important of a well-made, attention-grabbing movie trailer — one that adheres to these can definitely turn a movie from a box-office nobody into a blockbuster. When a trailer really […]

The New Avengers Trailer Shows Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Come Together To Fight Thanos

2018 is the most exciting year yet for Marvel fans. Black Panther looks set to kick things off in style, and will be swiftly followed by Infinity War. This epic adventure is a 10-year celebration of the MCU, and promises to bring Thanos the Mad Titan to Earth. Because let’s face it, Marvel has hit […]

The New ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Trailer Will Take You Back To The 90s

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was the first trailer to be released during the Super Bowl break and it delivered big time. Almost every 90s kid was reminded of his/her childhood by this fantastic trailer. All the characters are back including Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing, who team up to prevent another […]

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