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Here Are 15 Things That We Did Not Know Come With An Expiry Date

We all have certain things that we’ve been using ever since the beginning of our existence and it just gets so difficult to give them up. From old comfy footwear to our favorite sunglasses, we all have our favorite things that remain with us for years.  What we might not know is that a lot of […]

Here’s A List Of 8 Most Boring Cities In The World

The world has so many places to explore and they could take months of your time but then there are some places that don’t require so much of your life.  Source When we say that these following cities are boring compared to the other cities in the world, we don’t mean to convey that you […]

When Former Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly Disguised Himself As A Sikh To Attend Durga Puja

There’s nothing more important to be Bengali than Pujo time and well, also fish and our Sourav ‘Dada’ is no exception to this.  Source Sourav Ganguly got candid about his love for Pujo celebrations in his upcoming book ‘A Century is Not Enough’ and spoke about the time he had to change his avatar completely […]

These 15 Pictures Show The Other Side Of All Those Filters We Use On Social Media

It is so difficult to understand the people of ‘social media’. First, they shared pictures of themselves covered in filters and now they want to show the world how dark the story is behind all those filters.  Source With times and trends constantly changing, it is so difficult to understand what the society wants to […]

These Illustrations Are What Every Bookish Nerd Will Relate To

Book lovers often land themselves in awkward situations because of their love and admiration for literature.  Source Bookish nerds have their own little world full of books they love and this world doesn’t really match up with the reality where we all eventually reside. This is bound to create conflict in their minds and they […]

Artist Illustrates 10 Worst Feelings In The World With A Humorous Approach

We all go through certain moments that leave us feeling awful with a sick feeling in the stomach, every time they occur.  Source Don’t you absolutely hate it when you get up from the table with your earphones still connected to the laptop leading to an entire chain of events that include the laptop and […]

8 Red Flags You’re Bound To See When You Are With Someone Extremely Selfish

A person who is selfish will only concentrate on their own well being, personal interests, and advantages without regard for others.  Source The company of selfish people can be very toxic and unhealthy. They tend to ‘use and abuse’ emotionally available people eventually draining them out. You need to be very careful when you either […]

Does Being A Non-Vegetarian And An Animal Lover Really Make Me A Hypocrite?

I can’t stand the sight of hens stuffed in tempos on their way to butcher shops where they would be turned into food for people like me to consume. Source I believe there is no bigger love than the love for animals.  But as a huge fan of chicken lollipops, I just can’t deal with […]

How Opting For Arts 10 Years Ago Is Helping My Career Today

“You’ve scored well in your tenth standard, why take arts, it can spoil your career”.  Source I had always been the above average kid in school. I performed fairly well when it came to subjects like Math, Science and English. While the others struggled with social sciences, owing to the vast syllabus, I enjoyed reading […]

This Artist Beautifully Unmasks The Society With His Illustrations Revealing Its Darker Side

The best about Art is, it says a lot of things without making any noise and that is exactly what these illustrations by Al Margen do. We don’t really know who Al Margen is or whether he’s a man or a woman but what we know is, he/she looks at the society with a very […]

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