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8 Red Flags You’re Bound To See When You Are With Someone Extremely Selfish

A person who is selfish will only concentrate on their own well being, personal interests, and advantages without regard for others.  Source The company of selfish people can be very toxic and unhealthy. They tend to ‘use and abuse’ emotionally available people eventually draining them out. You need to be very careful when you either […]

Does Being A Non-Vegetarian And An Animal Lover Really Make Me A Hypocrite?

I can’t stand the sight of hens stuffed in tempos on their way to butcher shops where they would be turned into food for people like me to consume. Source I believe there is no bigger love than the love for animals.  But as a huge fan of chicken lollipops, I just can’t deal with […]

How Opting For Arts 10 Years Ago Is Helping My Career Today

“You’ve scored well in your tenth standard, why take arts, it can spoil your career”.  Source I had always been the above average kid in school. I performed fairly well when it came to subjects like Math, Science and English. While the others struggled with social sciences, owing to the vast syllabus, I enjoyed reading […]

This Artist Beautifully Unmasks The Society With His Illustrations Revealing Its Darker Side

The best about Art is, it says a lot of things without making any noise and that is exactly what these illustrations by Al Margen do. We don’t really know who Al Margen is or whether he’s a man or a woman but what we know is, he/she looks at the society with a very […]

Netizens Share The Story Behind Their Names And It’s Going To Make You Feel Grateful About Yours

The famous bard, William Shakespeare once said “What’s in a name”, and people on Twitter took it upon themselves to answer this question!  Source Our name is our first link to our identity and holds a lot of relevance in our lives. While some of us happened to have cool parents who took the pains […]

Facing Mid-Week Crisis? Here Are 15 People Who Quit Their Jobs Like A Boss!

Finding the right life partner and getting the right job happens only to very fortunate people.  Source Picking the right kind of job is actually a very tough decision to make and I am sure we all find ourselves getting stuck in the wrong kind of work environment at least once in our lifetime. Sometimes […]

Women Commuters Traveling To Bhopal Jn. Will Now Be Met With A Happy Healthy Surprise!

Despite being in the 21st century, we, as a country are not comfortable talking about menstruation. Source However, the city of lakes, Bhopal is breaking traditional norms and we couldn’t be more proud. The city is not just comfortable with the fact that women mensurate every month, it is also the first city to have […]

Why Mumbai Is Not Just A City But My Best Friend And A Teacher

“Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts – providing opportunities to millionaires to pursue their riches and millions of poor to pursue a livelihood. For many, Mumbai is a city where their dreams begin; for many others, it marks an end of a dream.”  ― Duvvuri Subbarao Source There are some who love this place and […]

As A 90s Kid Who Paraded On 26th Jan, It Hurts Me To See What We’ve Done To Our Republic

India is a Sovereign Democratic Republic and these words have more meaning than just another day off from work.  Source I still remember the time when we were all in school and 26th January was a day we would look forward to. As much as I used to hate waking up in the morning for an […]

8 Facts About Diljit Dosanjh That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Him All Over Again

Punjab’s Gabru and our forever favorite Jatt, Diljit Dosanjh is not just a brilliant singer but also an amazing human being and what could be a better way to celebrate his awesomeness than sharing his awesomeness with all of you? Source Diljit is at the peak of his career and has fans all across the […]

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