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8 Indian Superstitious Beliefs And The Scientific Reasons Behind Them

The Indian culture has a long history and no matter what part of the country you stay in, we are all raised with certain superstitions that stay with us for a lifetime. They are usually passed on by the elders in the family and form a major chunk of our childhood and boy, don’t we […]

How Chef Gordon Ramsay Became A Fan Of the Red Ant Chutney Made In Chhatisgarh

Every state of India has its own unique taste and that’s one of the main reasons why our country is a paradise for food lovers. Indian food is not just restricted to a certain kind of flavor and our favorite chef, Gordon Ramsay decided to put one of the most unconventional Indian dishes on his […]

Indian Mothers On Alert After Trudeau Performs Bhangra To Become The Perfect NRI Munda

Punjabis put your hands up if you mothers are constantly on the hunt to find a ‘Gora Chitta’ Punjabi munda for you. Source Okay, so I am amusing most you did and looks like the hunt can now finally come to an end. The perfect munda from Canada is here he is everything your mother […]

Punjabis Beware: Justin Trudeau’s Bhangra Moves Are Giving You Some Serious Competition

Justin Trudeau’s India visit just keeps getting better with time. From dressing up like Manyavar models to making chapatis at Golden Temple, he is doing it all and we can’t help but fall in love with his gestures. Source However, at an event last night, we are convinced that he is one of us and […]

These Were The Last Pictures Taken Moments Before These 12 Famous People Died

The best thing about memories and pictures is that they stay with us even when that person leaves the world.  Source A lot of our favorite celebrities are not with us anymore and the only way we can remember their presence among us is by the photographs that they left for us. They were famous […]

8 Times Firangs Made Mundane Desi Things Look Amazing

‘Teen goona Lagaan dena padega’ will definitely not sound cool if people like you and me said it but don’t we all remember how iconic this dialogue sounded when the firang in Lagaan said it? Source I think Indians have this tendency to get fascinated by everything that Firangs do and Justin Trudeau’s trip to […]

These Then And Now Pictures Of Delhi Will Leave You Hoping You Could Go To The Past

There’s a story behind every city but there’s something special about Delhi.

Zakir Khan Has A Special Message For All Former Sakht Launde Jo Ab Pighal Gaye

Now, unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know about the girl who’s breaking the internet with her expressions.  Source Zakir Khan’s concern about Priya Varrier is what all the single men who are worried about being lonely on this Valentine’s Day need to know. Priya became an overnight sensation after the release […]

45-Year-Old Mandira Bedi Doing Push-Ups In A Saree Is A Nightmare For Patriarchy

Mandira Bedi is known for breaking norms and what she recently did just proves how she doesn’t believe in stereotypes at all. From breaking the norm of sarees and short hair, Mandira has always shown the world how there is no norm that women need to follow and her doing push-ups in a saree proves […]

Here Are 15 Legit Facts That Have The Power Of Blowing Your Mind

The human brain is actually very easy to fascinate and sometimes, even the tiniest of information leaves us flabbergasted!  Source Before I give you all the fascinating fun facts, here’s one to ruin your day: TODAY IS NOT FRIDAY  Source Let’s begin this ‘DID YOU KNOW’ spree: 1) You Can Eat Gold  It makes sense […]

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