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14 Bollywood Actors And Their Hollywood Counterparts Based On Talent

Bollywood and Hollywood is much like comparing Shashi Kapoor with Shashi Tharoor. It is not prudent to do so. But hear me out just for laughs. Folks who love watching Hollywood films love comparing how it is better than Bollywood. But what if we turned the table. While the content of Bollywood industry still needs some fine-tuning […]

Meet The Indian Art Director Who’s Working On James Cameron’s Next Film ‘Avatar 2’

The first Avatar directed by James Cameron was a marvelous cinematic experience. The amazing CGI works and the detail that went into making the film bowled the audiences over. This time the pride will in some way belong to Indians as well. And that is in no way taking away from the immense talent that Aashrita […]

Shah Rukh Khan Gets Candid And Reveals Why He Played Dr. Jehangir Khan In Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi directed by Gauri Shinde was a big hit of 2016. The movie starred Alia Bhatt, and Shah Rukh Khan also had an important part in the film. The movie was a coming-of-age story that our mainstream Hindi cinema probably needed. Source It was Alia Bhatt‘s performance however that made the film so relatable. […]

14 Everyday English Words That We Mispronounce All The Time!

Pronouncing words correctly is the first step in creating a right impression. Many times it so happens we have been hearing these words pronounced wrong and hence we develop a habit of mispronouncing these words too. Sometimes it can lead to cringeworthy moments that you would rather forget. Here are the right pronunciations of these everyday words […]

10 Things To Tell Your Tamilian Friend To Annoy The Hell Out Of Them

Things that every Tamilian is tired of hearing.

Rare Pictures Of 13 Bollywood Celebrities That Most Fans Have Never Seen

When you are a Bollywood celebrity, anything is gold. Especially old mementos. Thanks to the Internet Age, nothing remains sacred. Especially when you are famous. These Bollywood celebrities were part of some photographs that they never knew would come back to haunt them through social media. #1. Deepika Padukone in the Kannada film Aishwarya (2006). Source #2. […]

11 ‘Good Guys’ From Bollywood Films That No One Should Ever Date

Bollywood has taught us, love is eternal and unconditional and in the process, it has messed up our expectations in real life. In the name of love and happy endings, Bollywood has pandered to us characters that are totally unrealistic and possibly toxic. The thing is, a true Bollywood fan will always uphold these ideas […]

With Dulquer Salman, Anurag Kashyap’s Next Film ‘Manmarziyan’ Already Looks Interesting

Malayalam industry superstar Dulquer Salmaan to star in Anurag Kashyap’s next.

The Responses To ‘What Is Your Earliest Memory?’ Will Give You A Good Nostalgia Trip

Memories are a tricky thing. You remember the bits and pieces of it and sometimes you recreate a figment of your imagination. Age and nostalgia do that to you. We remember the most poignant moments from our lives, they stay there at the back of our minds, waiting for the doors to be opened and unleashed. […]

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