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6 Greatest Fires In Human History That Left Behind More Damage Than You Think

Here are some of the deadliest fires the world ever saw.

We Bet You Didn’t Notice These Life Advices From 16 Popular Films You Grew Up With

Here are some advice that we can learn to follow from these popular films.

This Low-Budget Remake Of Infinity War Trailer Is So Bad, You’d Pay Actual Cash To Watch It

The boys recreated the trailer with household items and a strong dose of ingenuity and it is pretty hilarious!

This Chennai School Has An Odd Holiday Homework But It Is Not For The Students

One Chennai school followed the trend of holiday homework but they did something different.

These Memes On Sanjay Dutt’s Biopic Are Better Than The Movie Appears To Be

The Sanju teaser dropped yesterday and it was the hot topic of the day.

10 Statements By Indian Politicians That Show Why India Isn’t A Safe Country For Women

I am surprised that we have elected such politicians as people of power in our country.

Revealed: The Empowering Truth Behind Picture Perfect Photos On Instagram

Chessie King is determined to make it a body positive movement.

These Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Are Absolutely Ridiculous As Pointed Out By One Twitter User

Pre-wedding photographs are a thing apparently because people have money and like to flaunt their ‘non-singleness’ to everyone with an eyesight.

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