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These ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’ Memes Are So Lame That You’d Want To Leave This World

They converted lyrics of the popular song Ghar Se Nikalte Hi into a meme format.

A Marvel Non-fan Tries Naming Characters From Avengers: Infinity War And Fails Hilariously!

Well, to be fair, this is how these weird creatures from Marvel Universe might seem to someone who isn’t into it.

These Bollywood A-Listers Decked Up As Royals At Sonam Kapoor And Anand Ahuja’s Wedding

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja wedding was a star-studded affair.

9 Popular Apps That Have Evolved Drastically From Their Early Days

The before and after of these popular apps will surprise you.

These Last Photographs Of The 10 Biggest Rock Stars Will Break Your Heart Of Stone

Their untimely demise makes these last photographs of them hard to see.

6 Greatest Fires In Human History That Left Behind More Damage Than You Think

Here are some of the deadliest fires the world ever saw.

We Bet You Didn’t Notice These Life Advices From 16 Popular Films You Grew Up With

Here are some advice that we can learn to follow from these popular films.

This Low-Budget Remake Of Infinity War Trailer Is So Bad, You’d Pay Actual Cash To Watch It

The boys recreated the trailer with household items and a strong dose of ingenuity and it is pretty hilarious!

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