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9 Hindi Songs That Secretly Made Their Way To Hollywood Movies

These Hollywood films have featured Indian songs as soundtracks to move forward the storyline.

These 18 Funny Titles Were Digital Media’s Gift To The World; Not A Very Good Gift

Here are some titles that we found on the Internet have just one response: EWWWWWW

Folks Are Creating 4-Word Happy Stories Of Their Dreams And They Are Very Relatable

Happy stories are not everyone’s niche. It takes a certain wordplay to strike the cord. It is especially tougher when you have the word limit of only 4. Sounds like a dreadful challenge right? Not for Twitter. Write a happy story in 4 words — Tèmítáyọ̀ Onílù (@EmiNiTybaba) November 30, 2017 The thing about these […]

11 ‘Good Girls’ From Bollywood Films That No One Should Ever Date

Your favorite female characters from Bollywood films aren’t as great you’d thought.

Quitbit – World’s First Smart Lighter That Promises To Help You Quit Smoking

Quitbit – World’s first smart lighter comes to the rescue.

14 Bollywood Actors And Their Hollywood Counterparts Based On Talent

Bollywood and Hollywood is much like comparing Shashi Kapoor with Shashi Tharoor. It is not prudent to do so. But hear me out just for laughs. Folks who love watching Hollywood films love comparing how it is better than Bollywood. But what if we turned the table. While the content of Bollywood industry still needs some fine-tuning […]

Meet The Indian Art Director Who’s Working On James Cameron’s Next Film ‘Avatar 2’

The first Avatar directed by James Cameron was a marvelous cinematic experience. The amazing CGI works and the detail that went into making the film bowled the audiences over. This time the pride will in some way belong to Indians as well. And that is in no way taking away from the immense talent that Aashrita […]

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