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These 5 Women Are Not Your Typical Sweet Grandmas, They Are Ruthless Murderers

These killer grannies are seriously messed up and have been up to no good.

Instead Of Medicines, Indian Woman Gets Groped, Abused And Molested At Local Chemist

For Ruth Pal Chaudhuri a visit to the chemist became a nightmare. She went for medicines, instead got molested and assaulted.

This Instagram Account’s Brutally Honest Ads Will Make You Look At Brands Differently

The Instagram account The Fake Ad Co. has nailed the art of witty slogans.

Aaj Tak Ran A National Debate On A Parody Tweet About Priya Varrier, Gets Trolled

Spoof or Parody is intended to poke fun. However, the close nature of reality gets misunderstood and it turns into real life comedy. News channel Aaj Tak had a taste of the ruthless side of parody when they fell for it. A Twitter account Times Wow (parody of Times Now; a competitor of Aaj Tak) […]

Only The Best Bollywood Stars Get To Work With These 10 Talented Photographers

These Bollywood photographers know how to capture the magic.

Want To Feel Really Poor? Here Is How Much Salary The PMs Of The World Take Home

 Here is approximately how much the Prime Ministers of the world earn.

Ladies, If You Are A Man Down This V-Day, This Guy Can Be Your Pretend Boyfriend

Single women who feel let down about having no date for the Valentine’s, there is a solution available

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