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8 Bizarre Customs From Different Countries You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad

In Thailand, there are no kitchens in houses, not many people prefer to cook. Everyone wishes to see the world sometime. The world is full of humans and they are full of surprises. This world is quite funny and weird, just like life. This is just a fair warning that the other countries are as […]

Designer Gianni Versace’s Controversial Murder Was What Nightmares Are Made Of

We all know the brand Versace but did you know the man behind it was murdered by a serial killer? Versace is one of the world’s premier luxury brands and the man behind it, Gianni Versace, was an undisputed genius. But he was tragically shot dead in front of his mansion in Miami Beach in 1997. […]

11 Countries Where It’s Raining Men, So Excuse Us While We Grab Our Umbrellas

It’s raining men. It’s actually surprising how men treat women as inferior and still can’t live without them. Hey, you should know how to treat women and make them feel safe. The problem is not this country or that country. If you are existing on this planet, you have the right to feel safe and […]

A Mother Of Two Saved America From The Nazis And Wasn’t Even Given Credit For It

 Elizebeth Friedman was one of the greatest codebreakers in American history. America was the pioneer of writing and solving codes. Many don’t know that during World War 2, there was a couple who smashed codes for a living. William and Elizebeth Friedman were the superheroes who deserved capes and a lot more. Elizebeth’s story is […]

These Enter Password Jokes Will Lighten Up Your Weekly Stress Levels

‘Enter Password’ is the new ‘Knock Knock’ joke. The internet is a place for anyone who is sad or unhappy with their week. We can literally turn anything into a joke, just like humans do. So if you’re having a boring week or you’re just sad that shit isn’t all chill, here are a few […]

11 Rare Images Of The Actual Titanic Before It Made It To The Big Screens

The real story behind James Cameron’s masterpiece was a tragedy. The unsinkable ship, that’s what the nickname for Titanic was. On 12th April 1912, more than 1500 souls were lost from the face of the earth. Over a century later, we take a look at how everything looked on that fateful day. Titanic was the […]

The Stories That Inspired These 6 Evergreen Disney Films Are Not Kid Friendly

Inspiration is everywhere, they say. And what matters more, is what you choose to do with the inspiration. To be honest, Disney movies do have their dark side. The evil twin sisters, the beast, the monsters; they exist and we can fight them. That’s all we have learned from Disney throughout these years. Having said […]

Ever Wondered Why There Are Holes In Bourbon Biscuits? Here’s The Reason

Who doesn’t like Bourbon? The little biscuits that taste like heaven! The rectangular chocolate cookie with the impeccable taste, Bourbon is the best biscuit there is. We have never questioned anything about the Bourbon biscuits before, we did not have any reasons too. Having said that, there was one answer we always wanted. Are the holes in […]

The Nominations For Filmfare Awards Were Announced And We Have Mixed Feelings About It

Guess what? Rajkummar Rao isn’t even nominated for Best Actor. So, the award season has started and we have seen bizarre awards and not convincing winners through the season. That wasn’t  enough, clearly. 2017 was the year of Rajkummar Rao and some path-breaking movies like A Death In The Gunj, Tumhari Sulu, Newton and Shubh […]

This Photographer Re-Imagined Sexist Advertisements With A Hilarious Role Reversal

We know how sexist advertisements have been in the past. Advertisements in India show a man wearing perfume and women losing all the control. The problem with all that is the no one will actually care about the perfume you’re wearing unless and until you are their man. Speaking of men, the advertisements back in the […]

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