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Finds poetry in the simplest things.

8 Of The Most Expensive Houses Built On This Planet

What’s a house? A floor, a roof and four walls, right? Wrong. Luxury means different things to different people and we know that. Any kind of luxury comes with a price and I think we all know that. This is quite amazing, what money can do. It can get you everything you want but it […]

Before You Download Stuff From Torrents, You Should Know About These Piracy Laws

Have you been downloading and seeding your favorite movies because it’s free? Did you download the Game Of Thrones episode or a movie still running in the theatres via torrents? After reading this you might want to be a little more careful. A report by Quint stated that Bollywood loses $2.7 billion to piracy every year. Also, […]

10 Countries That Smoke Most Of The Weed On The Planet

The legality of Marijuana is being discussed as we speak. It’s a plant with medicinal qualities that has been slotted with hard drugs and has thus, been criminalized in India. Here are the countries where the consumption of weed/marijuana is the highest. There are many countries that rewrote the cannabis law. There are countries that […]

These Are The Most Expensive Cars In The World And Why They Are Worth The Moolah

The most amazing rides in the universe come with a price. Anything and everything we wish for, comes with a price. A good ride comes with a price just like a good life does. So, if you want to ride the most luxurious car, you have to pay up all your hard earned money and […]

Twitter Is Retelling Indian History Using Bollywood And We Prefer This Version More

Bollywood loves history but history probably doesn’t love it back. Dude, Bollywood adores History way more than you and I ever did in school. So, clearly, Bollywood is not loved in return. Obviously, we can’t do anything about it. Folks on Twitter can literally give anything a funny turn. Recently, they decided to go ahead […]

This Is What Happens On The Internet In One Minute

One minute, 60 seconds, 60000 milliseconds; One moment can change everything! Ek minute ki keemat, tum kya jaano Ramesh babu? One minute can make you or break you. The internet is a funny place to be in. We normally lose track of time when we’re on the net, right? If every minute counts, then what happens […]

Arnab Goswami Watched ‘Padmavati’ And This Is The Review The Nation Wanted To Know

Sadly, Padmavati is not releasing on 1st December. The hatred surrounding ‘Padmavati’ is saddening to see as an audience. The controversies, the threats, and the hatred that has grown is not something a creator deserves. We all are stories and the whole point of cinema is to portray different stories. One can learn how to emote […]

The Parliament Will Be Tabling A Private Bill To Legalize Marijuana During The Winter Session

Well, well, what do we know? A member has been pushing for the legalization of marijuana. In case you don’t know what marijuana does, we’ll tell you. It’s basically some dried leaves and hemp of a cannabis plant; you smoke it and it relaxes you. And it is legal to smoke it up in some parts […]

Ladies And Gentlemen, We Might Have Just Survived Another Apocalypse

It’s 2012, all over again. You know how the world was apparently ending? So some crazy conspiracy theory suggested that the world was supposed to end on November 19th. Yes, we know you’ve heard of the world coming to an end every now and then. We know, you heard it in 2012 but this one has […]

Mumbai, The Iconic Metro Cinema Reopened After A Short Break And It Looks Stunning!

An all-new and shiny Metro Cinema has returned to the birthland of Bollywood! The Legendary Metro Cinema was built in 1938 and used to screen only the MGM’s productions. The city of Mumbai is where Bollywood resides and the people of Mumbai love cinema! The cinema has always lived up to its legacy. The Metro […]

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