10 Quirky Theme Restaurants In India You Must Ditch Your Usual Candlelight Dinner For

Planning a date night? How about doing something unconventional this time? Because mainstream candlelight dinners are too cliched, right? But if you must do dinner, here are 10 restaurants in India that are everything but usual. These themed restaurants are uber cool and have a completely quirky concept, something that is new for our usual […]

12 Disastrous Fails That Will Instil The Fear Of Online Shopping In Your Heart

The internet is a magical place where you can check pay taxes and watch naked people have sex. Probably watch naked people having sex while paying their taxes. But all these uses pale in comparison to online shopping. That mecca of convenience where you can feed, shelter and clothe yourself without leaving the comfort of […]

10 Bizarre Mental Disorders That Are Possibly Beyond Your Imagination

When it comes to the human mind, there is no depth to which it can be explored. The little one might be only 2% of the whole body’s weight, yet if a single nerve in the vast neural network goes haywire, the outcomes are simply unimaginable. We might be very well acquainted with one mental […]

11 Places Other Than The Bermuda Triangle Where Things Disappeared Without An Explanation

The Bermuda Triangle¬†is one of those mysterious places on Earth where planes and ships have been disappearing without a trace. Though science has tried to come up with an explanation, little do we know, that the Bermuda Triangle is just one of 12 eerie locations on Earth with inexplicable disappearances associated with them. These places […]

7 Royal Eligible Bachelors Of The World That Are More Than Enough A Reason To Get Married!

Hello girls! Aren’t we brought up by our fathers as princesses of his kingdom? Our shining tiaras might not be visible on our heads, but deep down we all are heirs to our kingdoms and somewhere looking for our prince charming. But let’s come to reality as we block the one man who showed a […]

10 Extremely Rich And Famous People Who Give Zero Fucks About A Luxurious Lifestyle

We all know that the biggest highlight of being a celebrity is the huge bank balance that comes with fan following. Famous and rich people have at least the finance part sorted. Money for them is certainly not what drives them to take further projects. While many prefer to flaunt it through their luxury bags […]

5 Recent Times Supreme Court Has Proved To Be A Real Badass To All Things Wrong In India!

We might have started the year trolling ‘not so poor’ Anant Ambani and mob fires in Mumbai, but the year has definitely started on a good note with laws in India. Supreme Court has been trying to be a real badass in the country by bringing in much-needed changes, creating rules and laws that appear […]

6 Insanely Beautiful Women Pilots Who Are Ruling Instagram From The Skies!

Everything related to planes is mesmerizing, isn’t it? When it comes to flying up in the air, there is a different kind of adrenaline to it. Flight travels have their own personal glamour attached to them. And how about the one who’s flying the airplane? Well, pilots have one of the coolest jobs in the […]

Here are 10 Most Bizarre People Living On This Planet Right Now!

The world is a strange place and being normal is totally overrated. We meet all sorts of people who have strange obsessions and habits. However, some people surpass all things normal and do things that are bound to make you stop and go WTF! 1.¬†The man who lived on the airport Have you watched ‘The […]

5 Of The World’s Most Deadly Places That Are Still Inhabited By People

Danger is everywhere. You can slip off your bathroom, fall off your stairs or even get struck by lightning. Death is always lurking around, isn’t it? And yet we think we have finally settled in a secure building, with a watchman that sleeps most of the night, a double latch door, and an impeccable alarm […]

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