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The Chilling Last Words Of 10 Of The World’s Lesser Known Murderers And Criminals

Ours is a world that has a weird obsession with serial killers, thieves – criminals in general. The thing about them being thought that they tend to get caught. Surprisingly often in fact. And depending on the place and time of their sentencing, many of them have been sent to their deaths. But before they […]

We Tried To Pick Out The Most Iconic Bollywood Costumes From The Last 5 Decades

Bollywood would be nothing without its costumes. From the dramatic and bold to the grounded and every day – there’s nothing quite like it that captures the essence of India’s style progression. Because while not too many keep up with designers and fashion trends, everyone religiously goes to the movies. So we tried to look […]

If Shashi Tharoor Re-Wrote The Lyrics To 7 Of Our Generation’s Most Important Songs

Shashi Tharoor, a man for all seasons. What can he not do? (Reach out to a large enough vote bank to hopefully reduce the divisive nature of our previous and foreseeably our next election) But apart from that, Shashi Tharoor is a man with a plan and a thesaurus stashed away in his soul. He’s […]

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Might Just Roll Into The Marijuana Market

Say whatever you want to about Baba Ramdev, the man knows one important thing – weed is pretty awesome and so is making money. Source Granted, some Indian politicians are slowly willing to consider the herb for its medicinal properties. Which is probably why Patanjali, Ramdev’s native brand might be looking into the marijuana market. […]

Class Is Back In Session With Shashi Tharoor And Twitter’s Grabbed Its Dictionary

Bust out your dictionaries out ladies and gents, because Shashi Tharoor’s Twitter account is back in business. The man who boggled everyone’s minds in 2017 with an iconic tweet is back at it. But this time, his beautifully articulated wrath has been redirected towards BJP MP Vinay Katiyar. The debate around the Taj Mahal rages […]

A White Man Speaks In Hindi And Haryanvi; Solves All Of This Country’s Problems

White people in India face rather specific challenges. Mainly, a gross misunderstanding of what we mean by the word “spicy”. But hey at least they’ve got one thing going for them. India frigging loves it when they attempt to say a few words in Hindi, or Gujarati or even better, Haryanvi. Which is exactly how […]

10 Times Countries Totally Hit “Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V” When Designing Their National Flag

A country’s national flag symbolizes a great deal – from political leanings to religious philosophy. But there’s really only so many design choices one can make with a rectangle, which is why multiple nations have similar flags, for related or completely random reasons. Please Note: Flags are representational and not to scale.  #1 The USA […]

In The Wake Of #MeToo, Jeetendra Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault By His Cousin

Jeetendra is an icon whose legacy has lasted long past his active career. But recently, a new accusation has come to the surface that has shocked the industry. Source The accusation of sexual abuse has been levied against the actor by a cousin of his who requested her name not be mentioned in the initial […]

8 Weird Lays Flavours That Might Just Be Better Than The Iconic Magic Masala

There is and always will be one flavour to rule them all. Lays Magic Masala is the epitome of everything India can do correctly. We can fry things, cover them in ambiguous orange flavouring and eat them. Magnificent. But just like Indians enjoy searing their buttholes with spice, other countries enjoy…other things. Which is probably […]

Time For Bollywood To Put Down Their Pads And Listen? Comedian Supriya Joshi Thinks So

Bollywood doesn’t half-ass anything. When they want to do something, they’re bound to go all the way with it. Mind you, this isn’t always a good thing. Source But sometimes our film fraternity comes together to support a valid cause other than Tiger Shroff’s career. A cause that film Padman claims to champion. A cause […]

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