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10 Very Real But Weirdly Specific Jobs That People Get Paid To Do

We’ve all worked jobs we love and jobs we despise. But there aren’t that many of us who can go around claiming these job titles which logically exist, but are so strange, it’s hard to really wrap our heads around them. #1 Train Pushers Source In Japan, there are attendants known as “oshiya” who can […]

7 Undisputed Hollywood ‘Classics’ Everyone Lies About Having Seen

The word ‘classic’ doesn’t mean as much as it used to, but it still does have a mildly prestigious ring to it. And the one place it gets mercilessly used is when it’s being used to describe films. Films that are cinematic masterpieces from ages past that encapsulate the time period that prompted their creation. […]

What If KBC Asked The Kind Of Questions Nobody Ever Knows The Answers To?

We’ve all watched KBC, sitting in rapt attention as Amitabh Bachchan asked question after question we couldn’t answer at gunpoint. And yet there was always that someone who actually listened to the teacher in 7th standard Geography class, and could answer the tricky ones to win the big prize. But we think that’s only because the […]

A Letter From HR To The Woman Who Used The Toilet Before Me

Aadarniya sahyog, aapko mera pranaam. Source First off, let me congratulate you on this milestone achievement. I and my entire team of fellow women are celebrating you having successfully navigated all social taboos and released your body’s waste into the commode. We do understand that this is an undertaking into which you have dedicated a lot […]

If Indian Occupations Had GOT Houses, These Are What Their Words Would Be

GOT fans are some of the most obsessive creatures in the world. Even when the show treats our favourite characters like fruit in a blender, even when seasons are separated by a whole year with a handful of episodes at the end of it all, even if it makes a decent argument for incest. We love […]

Japan Hosts A Penis Festival Every Year. Let’s Take A Look At Why…

Japan is not a country for the faint of heart. From their discipline to their perverseness to their hilarious mascots, Japan is populated by people absolutely dedicated to their cause. Behind all the wackiness the country comes up with, there’s a powerful reason, steeped deep in Japanese culture – or Japanese weirdness. But of all the […]

8 Adorable Animals Who Have More Money Than We Probably Will In A Lifetime

Animals are great. Some are friendly, some will eat you, and all of them remind us of the sheer variety of life on this great planet. But as much as we love the cute fuzzies, there comes a point when we can’t help resenting the ever-loving shit out of them. Because they struck gold and […]

Rahul Gandhi To Fast For 5 Hours, Twitter Roasts Him In Less Than Half The Time

We’ll say this much about Rahul Gandhi, the guy really can’t catch a break. While he might be armed to refute critics who poke holes in his policies and sometimes misguided maneuvers, what he will never be equipped enough for is the sass that comes his way everytime social media gets involved. Source Take today for […]

10 Dieting Fads That Make Us Question How Humanity Is The Top Of The Food Chain

Everyone would love to look their absolute best all day, every day. There are ways to achieve this, be genetically gifted and almost unnaturally good looking. Or, like the rest of us mortals, work out and eat healthy foods. But every now and then, humanity has tried to fast-forward the process using things that we […]

This Artist Creates Some Incredibly Cool Art With Just A Pen And Some Bananas

People tend to have a very limited number of things that come to mind when they think of the word “art”. A canvas is usually involved, along with an individual who’s dedicated his life to aesthetics and capturing multiple feelings in a static image. what doesn’t come to mind is one dude and a banana. […]

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