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10 Musical Albums Whose Cover Art Sparked A Lot Of Controversy

A good album is best remembered for the timelessness of its songs. But some boast of album art that is as exceptional as the music. But where there’s art there’s controversy – which means there have been some music albums whose cover art pushed the envelope just a bit too far. #1 Diamond Dogs, David […]

Comic Artist Naolito Creates The Most Adorable “Before And Afters” Of All Time

Anyone who’s been on the internet long enough will agree, “before and after” is a format that’s been done to death. Witticisms and observations, bawdy humour and gorgeous illustrations – we’ve seen it all. But forgive us if these quirky ideas by Naolito have swayed our cold hearts and brought us a modicum of joy. […]

7 Little Life Lessons You Can Learn From Thanos In Infinity War

IF YOU’VE NOT WATCHED THE MOVIE GO AWAY. If you have you should know that Thanos is pretty awesome. Not just because of his strength and genocidal tendencies, but because he really knows how to be productive and achieve his goals without sacrificing his mental well being. How does he do it? To live your […]

So, There’s An Entire Book Filled With Pictures Of the World’s Sexiest Cocks (And Hens)

There’s a lot of things people can find potentially sexy. An uncomfortable amount actually. But since beauty is in the eye of some weird-ass beholders, there’s not much we can do. However, one of the last things that ever come to mind when looking for some semblance of aesthetic appeal is cocks. Not the ones […]

A Portrait Of Madness: The Black Paintings Of Francisco Goya

Compared to the threat of wild animals and devastating diseases, the human psyche remains infinitely more terrifying. Because as devastating as nature can be, the cruelty that humanity often inflicts upon itself is far more perverse. But even in the vast history of human violence, there remains a quieter demon, the looming threat of an […]

8 Ended Shows Other Than F.R.I.E.N.D.S That Deserve A Binge Session

Television and online streaming have given us access to newer and more varied content than ever before. From standard fare like the brilliantly executed Game Of Thrones to series like Broadchurch gaining international audiences, our choices have increased significantly. But sometimes, it’s nice to revel in the comfort of old favourites that absolutely deserve a […]

7 Intriguing Art Installations Made Entirely Out Of People’s Garbage

In an environmentally conscious world, we’re always looking for new and effective ways to get rid of our garbage. And nobody does it better than these artists. Who’ve used a lot of creativity and some trash to come up with some of the most beautiful works of art. #1 Doors by Choi Jeong-Hwa Source The […]

7 Of The Most Hard Hitting Works Of Art By The Infamous Street Artist “Banksy”

The elusive street artist Banksy has been at it for a while now. Known both for his technique as well as his astute social commentary, the anonymous British graffiti artist is one of the world’s most prolific. But despite his vast repertoire, there are some works that truly stand out from the rest, or are […]

6 Times It Totally Felt Like Marvel And DC Copied Each Other’s Homework

Good artists take inspiration, great artists copy outright. In which case Marvel and DC must be bloody brilliant because, throughout their illustrious history, both publishing giants have taken more than a leaf from the other’s book. It makes sense – comic books were once the only way to catch up with your favourite superheroes, making […]

This Artist Recreates Iconic Images Using Garbage And A Lot Of Imagination

Before you chuck your trash in the bin without a second thought, know that you might be throwing away a masterpiece. Bernard Pras is a French artist with a unique take on modern pop culture who is happy to look beyond the obvious to find something truly striking. He is best known for his recreation […]

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