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10 Awkward Mannequin Fails That Range From Nightmarish To Inappropriate

Mannequins exist for two reasons – primarily to show off how good the clothes look. But also to show off how good the clothes look on somebody who looks nothing like you. Lifeless and forced to spend their time in bizarre outfits, mannequins often get the short end of the stick. Which is why it’s […]

Shashi Tharoor Mistakes The Buddha For Lord Mahavira And We’ll Never Forgive Him

Let us preface this by admitting that the author of this article has an extremely unhealthy¬†obsession with Shashi Tharoor. Source The man who left India wanting more dictionaries took over the internet seamlessly with his verbose tweets. Making everyone feel collectively 10 IQ points lower. However, we are distraught to report- the man made a […]

Baahubali Villain Rana Daggubati All Set To Be A Part Of Marvel’s Upcoming Infinity War

Infinity War is all set to be the one film friends will never forgive you for missing out on. Source It brings together the best and brightest from all of Marvel’s best and some not-so-best characters to one screen. it’s rare that a film shouldn’t have to market itself aggressively but this one really doesn’t. […]

BJP MLA Suggests Rape Will Be Solved If Women Don’t Have Boyfriends. How Refreshing.

The 21st century has led to some revolutionary leaps in the field of technology. Developments that have sped up the way we communicate and relate to one another. In this era of impatience can we really blame men and women for looking for a one-stop solution to rape and sexual violence in general? No. But […]

If You Thought Infinity War Is The Biggest Crossover Event Ever, Twitter Will Prove You Wrong

Hey look, Infinity War is releasing, which means we can now see more heroes dramatically running towards the camera than ever before. After investing time, money and energy in keeping up with the multitudes of films that Marvel has put out since Iron Man, audiences are understandably looking forward to seeing every single one of […]

12 Disastrous Fails That Will Instil The Fear Of Online Shopping In Your Heart

The internet is a magical place where you can check pay taxes and watch naked people have sex. Probably watch naked people having sex while paying their taxes. But all these uses pale in comparison to online shopping. That mecca of convenience where you can feed, shelter and clothe yourself without leaving the comfort of […]

Indira Gandhi Got The Most Unexpected Tribute of All Time – From WWE

I’ll preface this by saying that I know very little about WWE. I can follow the premise of grown men and women beating the shit out of each other, but post that there’s a bit of a lag. But amongst all the musculature and dramatic yelling, there’s one thing that the WWE definitely doesn’t bring […]

The War Against Medical Cannabis Evaluations

The War Against Medical Cannabis Evaluations A Startling Fact about Medical Cannabis Evaluations Uncovered Upon receiving your health care cannabis recommendation, you’re going to be in a position to walk into your nearest dispensary and begin using MMJ, legally. Choosing medical cannabis or medical marijuana can be a simple choice to make, but being selective […]

Secret Techniques for Rent Apartment in Sharjah Only the Experts Know About

Secret Techniques for Rent Apartment in Sharjah Only the Experts Know About Rent Apartment in Sharjah – the Story Let’s begin with the start. My primary dilemma is the fact that AirBnB remains a belief. Who’s for a number of motives, we don’t comprehend how exactly to respond to. The purpose will be to definitely […]

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Rent Apartment in Sharjah

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Rent Apartment in Sharjah Commonly, its more risky in case the tenant has held several jobs in only a handful of many years and there can be gaps from the job (i.e. time spans without a earnings ). If you may receive the exact first calendar month’s rent and deposit […]

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