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7 Of Hollywood’s Best Dark Comedies For Your Evil Soul To Indulge In

It’s fair to assume that out of all the genres of film, comedy is the quickest to age. Humour has always been based on common understanding, which is why as society changes, it tends not to find the same things funny anymore. However, there are things a select bunch of us will always be tickled […]

The TIMES 100 Most Influential People List Includes Some Big Names From India

The TIMES 100 is a list that people around the world look out for. Highlighting some of the world’s leading professionals, sportspeople, entertainers and everything in between, a spot on the list is a coveted position and this year is no exception. This years list is revolutionary in so many ways. It’s the list that […]

8 Cartoon Character Catchphrases From Our Childhood We’ll Never Forget

It seems like only yesterday that we were running home from school, excited about switching on an Onida TV and watching our favourite cartoons. Keeping us engaged for hours, they’d make us laugh with their crazy antics, their familiar music and mannerisms ingrained in our memories forever. I can’t help but wonder if I were […]

12 Of The Most Stunning Body Art Transformations By The Gifted Emma Fay

Anybody who has ever had the privilege of getting a great tattoo knows there’s no canvas quite like the human body. But beyond the permanency of a tattoo, there are artists who have dedicated their careers to mapping out the human body and transforming it through a combination of skill and creativity. These body artists […]

Twitter Races To Troll Sonam Kapoor For Messing Up The Answer To The Triangle Riddle

Why do we keep expecting Bollywood celebrities to rival our intelligentia? Or to stop shooting endangered animals? Or be able to count? Seriously, flawless beauty should be exempted from such trivial things. Source But our cruel populace keeps piling on to our dearest performers, expecting them to resound with wit and humour and talent – […]

If You’re A Desi Biker You Most Definitely Have Faced These 9 Situations In Life

When it comes to India, you know that the only way to get out of traffic is through this magnificent invention called the motorcycle. Invented in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler, this two-wheeled contraption has helped us Indians accomplish the impossible. From delivering pizzas within 30 minutes to delivering rocks in iPhone boxes. Here are some […]

Headlines We Expect To See Now That Bhai Has Been Arrested

Unless you had better things to do today, you know all about Salman Khan being convicted of killing a blackbuck. We could bore you with the realistic details and the nuances of law in a country where celebrities are worshipped as 21st-century deities – but our statistics show you’re not too interested in something like […]

7 Of The World’s Best Trained And Most Formidable Police Departments

Being a member of a police force could mean a lot of things – from combat to administration, there are many people with a variety of skills who contribute to keeping others safe. But there are specialized groups of police officers who dedicate their lives to training and perfecting their skills. Task forces that are […]

10 Awkward Mannequin Fails That Range From Nightmarish To Inappropriate

Mannequins exist for two reasons – primarily to show off how good the clothes look. But also to show off how good the clothes look on somebody who looks nothing like you. Lifeless and forced to spend their time in bizarre outfits, mannequins often get the short end of the stick. Which is why it’s […]

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