Amanda Francesca Mendonça

After spending pretty much all of my teen years waiting for a Hogwarts letter that never came, I gave up and settled for being a wizard with words instead. A hopeless romantic, when I’m not penning down short stories, I’m busy imagining my own happily ever after.

6 Hilarious Stories That Prove That Food And Sex Do Not Go Together!

Food is a sensual experience. It involves taste and touch and smell and sight and sound. So does sex. But when put together, it’s a little too much, too messy. And the magazines? They lie. Yes, it all sounds super exciting in your head. But come on, have you tried that stuff in real life? I, […]

7 Of The Most Unusual Temples In The World

Temples as places of worship have been built for centuries by a number of ancient civilizations across the globe. Depending on the deity being worshipped, the styles and structures and systems of these temples are all wonderfully unique. The ones on this list though, boast a little extra characteristic that makes them even more special. […]

8 Of The Oldest Cities In The World That Are Still Inhabited

Cities that have stood the test of time are silent witnesses to the evolution of human civilization. They bear both – the scars of our wars, and the trophies of our history. They’re the closest thing we’ve got to time travel. So without further ado, here are 8 such cities, some of the oldest in […]

10 Things Millennials Really Need To Stop Feeling Guilty About

Come now, Millennials, I’m not talking about that time you killed your Grandmother’s goldfish. I’m talking about everyday things you won’t let yourself off the hook for. The kind of stuff you stay up all night thinking about. The kind you carry around for days. The kind of things you should really loosen up about […]

Artist Makes Fruit Look Sexy In Her Provocative Videos On Instagram

Stephanie Sarley is an illustrator, printmaker and video artist based in Oakland, California. Like many others, she also uses Instagram as a platform to promote her work. Here’s the catch, though. Instagram considers her work to be “sexually suggestive content” and has taken down her account thrice. See Stephanie doesn’t dabble in landscapes or pottery; […]

10 Notorious Weapons Used In The World’s Most High-Profile Assassinations

Over the years, weapons used in assassinations and attempted assassinations have gained infamy enough to bring in dollars on the black market. They’ve also left their bloody mark on the history of the world, which, truth be told, is enough to pique our morbid curiosity. How many of these did you know of? 1. The […]

These Extraterrestrial Sounds Recorded By NASA Are The Creepiest Thing On The Internet

Because it’s a vacuum, Space is really quiet. Deathly quiet. It typically doesn’t carry sound waves like the air does here on Earth, and even the few sounds emitted aren’t really audible. But we’re humans. We’re curious. We want to know EVERYTHING. So over the years, with the help of our superior intellect and skill […]

8 Visually Stunning Places Of Worship Across The Globe

If you were brought up by religious parents, chances are you remember the interiors of your local *insert place of worship here* all too intimately. While we may not have thought of these as extraordinary, know that there are sacred places across the globe that do inspire belief and wonder, and can take your breath […]

These Celebrity Drawings Are So Terrible They’ll Make You Smile, Just Like Real Art!

Twitter user @SaifsArt is an artist who like many others in his field, shares his work on social media. Here’s the twist though. He’s really not lying about his skills in his bio when he says, “I can’t draw”. And he really is terrible with hands and noses. For a while now, he’s been drawing truly horrible pictures […]

How Modern Day Chess Emerged From A Game Called Chaturanga In 600 AD, India

If you take a look at Chess, a close look, you’ll realize that the game is a miniature lesson in medieval history, and the pieces on the chessboard represent the way people lived their lives during that time.  The pawns on the chessboard represent serfs, who can be sacrificed to save the more valuable pieces. […]

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