5 Facts The World Doesn’t Know About The History-Making Cricketer Ellyse Perry

You don’t know Ellyse Perry. You should. She is perhaps the most multi-talented athlete ever.

ellyse perry


Here are 5 facts about her that you don’t know, but when you do, you will also be in awe of her!


This Australian cricketer recently scored 213* in the Women’s Ashes series. This is the highest test score by an Australian woman cricketer. But it is hardly the only achievement of 27 year old Perry’s career.


She became the youngest woman cricketer to play for Australia, when she made her debut at the age of merely 16. Just two weeks later, she made her debut for Australia’s football team.

ellyse perry


Yes, you read that right. We will let that sink in.


She made history in the 2011 FIFA World Cup by scoring a wonderful goal in the quarter final. She is the only woman to play in both FIFA and Cricket World Cups. She took three wickets with a broken ankle as Australia won the cricket World Cup in 2013.

ellyse perry



She is one of the most marketable sportspersons in Australia and writes children’s books inspiring young girls to take up sports.


Looking beautiful while killing it on the field comes naturally to Ellyse Perry. Realising this, she was scooped up by international undergarments brand jockey, for whom she did a sizzling photoshoot.

ellyse perry


At just 27, she has miles to go. It will be fascinating to see what she can achieve in the future.

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