Meet Asia Carrera. She’s A Certified Genius, Piano Prodigy And Porn Star

Everybody watches porn. You watch it, I watch it, that guy sitting across from you watches it.

Asia Carrera


It’s safe, healthy and always gets a lot of inputs from the government. But very rarely are people interested in the men and women in front of and behind the camera. Well, their personal lives. But every now and then, one comes across a porn star so qualified, one needs to elaborate on their many achievements. One such pornstar is Asia Carrera.

You know how your parents would always compare you to that one kid who you knew you could never compete with? She’s that kid, but she’s also super hot.

Porn Star


Even though she’s currently retired, she had the best career a lot of people could possibly hope for. Here are a few things about her that will impress the pants off of you – literally.

#1 She’s A Prodigy On The Piano

An accomplished pianist, she performed a concert at Carnegie Hall. That may not be impressive enough by itself – she did it when she was 14.

#2 She Was Pretty Much A Child Genius

porn Star


Considering she’s got a lot of accomplishments we can club them in right here:

-State Spelling Champion
-A Member Of The National mathematics League
-Taught English In Japan At Age 16

#3 She’s A Member Of Mensa

Yes. That Mensa. The one that only accepts members with the highest IQs on the planet. Ms Carrera has an IQ of 156.

She even won a national merit scholarship for scoring over 1440 on her SAT test.

Here we were. Desperately struggling to copy math homework from our slightly intelligent friends.

#4 She’s Acted In Over 400 Movies

Porn Star


Granted, these are all pornographic films. But objectively speaking as a regular woman, 400 times is a lot of sex. Not even real relaxing sex – sex on camera in a room full of people.

It’s fairly easy to judge pornography as a business that does not imply a lot of dignity. But considering the industry is lousy with examples like Ms Asia, maybe it’s time to take another look?

And by another look, we definitely don’t mean refreshing all those open porn tabs on your computer.


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