Ashwin Takes Offence At Gibbs’ Joke And Attacks Him With Match-Fixing Allegations

In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, Ashwin has taken a dig at Herschelle Gibbs over his alleged involvement in the match fixing scandal.

It all started with Ashwin promoting a shoe brand on his Twitter handle. He put up a tweet talking about his new shoes.

Gibbs then went ahead with his remark on Ashwin’s ‘lack of speed’ on the ground. Ashwin isn’t really famous for his speed on the field or his running between the wickets and Gibbs’ seemingly innocent joke seemed harmless.

But Ashwin didn’t really take the joke well and hit back at the former Proteas batsman with some classic ad-hominem. Ashwin thanked God for his ‘ethical mind’ that didn’t let him ‘fix’ matches.

Gibbs then followed this up with a simple reply asking Ashwin to calm down as he intended his previous remarks to be nothing more than banter.

I guess Ashwin has forgotten his good ‘ol days at Chennai Super Kings who were banned from participating in the IPL over financial irregularities.


Please note that this isn’t the first time when Ashwin has decided to spread his verbal diarrhea all over Twitter. In the past, he had compared CSK’s two year long absence from the IPL (over financial fraud and misdemeanor charges) to Manchester United’s Munich air tragedy where several of the Busby Babes had lost his life.

At a press conference ahead of the start of the second edition of the Tamil Nadu Premier League, Ashwin was quoted as saying by the Times of India,

“I think the two-year hiatus for CSK probably increases its value much like what it did for Manchester United when the air crash happened. I don’t know if it’s in the same league, but surely people in Chennai and fans across the world are waiting for CSK to return. I hope it turns out to be a good comeback.”

His foot-in-mouth syndrome would have served him better if his footwork was half as good as his Twitter antics.

We hope Ashwin gets back in form and keeps his calm on the cricket field. Getting personal over a joke is definitely not the way to go.

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