As Much As We Love It, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Had Some Pretty Glaring Mistakes

22 years ago, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) released on October 20th and it is still a classic and benchmark for romantic films in Bollywood.



Feel old yet? I was a toddler when this film released and I feel ancient already. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was a cult and commercial classic. Not every film gets to be that.  Not every film enjoys that kind of appreciation and is revolutionary in changing the tapestry of filmmaking. The filmmakers have tried time and again to strike gold, but they haven’t yet. Aditya Chopra himself has been trying to recreate DDLJ success in his career, but lady luck does not visit twice.

However, no film is perfect. Even great films have their lot of goof-ups just waiting for the audience to spot. Why should DDLJ be any exception?!

Here are some epic goof-ups in DDLJ that we might have missed even after watching it multiple times.

#1. Such hawa much wow.

The wind in Simran’s room is gone under 60 seconds. I guess the giant pankha on the set didn’t have enough electricity.

#2. Snow deflects the rule of science

The snow in DDLJ was vertical AF. Jokes apart, it was placed right above Simran, Raj and the fireplace. This was supposed to be romantic but ends up being a bit too spoofy.

#3. Babuji was racist AF towards the pigeons

He only spoke to desi pigeons. He refused to call ‘Aao’ to the BBP (bichare british pigeons).

#4. Who are these random women in the sarson ka khet?

In real life, khets have scarecrows not women dancing around. Just saying.

#5. The palat scene got their physics wrong

You see human eye can only see so far. We aren’t hawks. Simran runs away to catch her train and Raj is sweetly playing the mandolin on the bridge. And then he expects her to ‘palat’. And when she does, he can totally see her (in the film). But how! She is so far gone and the train station has a shed. This is a serious goof-up.

#6. Their friends are useless

Yep. Raj and Simran visit Europe with their friends. When it is time for goodbye, both their groups leave them and waddle away. Why? Did they not like them anymore? Weren’t they visiting with their friends. What kind of friends are these?! They are worst than mine!

#7. Simran winking is incognito guys!

But how! There she is fake fainting and huddled in a care-giving group. Question is how can no one see her winking! They are right there, and Kuljit is directly in her line of vision! Kuch toh gadbad hai – script ke saath. (Lel)

#8. Raj can produce guns magically!

Iske paas gun kaise ayi! If this were a crime thriller, there would be a two hour investigation on how he produces gun out of thin air. The goons had the guns and now he has an upper hand. Because again, script!

#9. Bad stunt choreography?

This is pretty obvious. The extra does not even get hit and still falls down. Heroes always win fights.

#10. Bigg Boss was in DDLJ and you did not even notice.

So Raj plays this prank on Simran. None of their friends are around, this naturally begs the question –  ‘WHO TOOK THIS PICTURE!’. It was the ghost or Bigg Boss, there is no other logical explanation.

#11. Well, duh!

Do I even need to explain this, I bet you noticed this as well!


Despite these amazingly ridiculous goof-ups, we still love this movie to bits! Magic of cinema.

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