A Graphic Designer Takes 20 Different Drugs And Portrays Their Effect Through His Pictures

Anything can feed art. For some it’s an outpour of their pain and grief, for others an evident expression. However, for graphic designer Brian Pollett, aka Pixel-Pusha, it is not less than an experiment to venture into worlds, unknown otherwise to the sane mind. For one of his projects, Brian decided to take 20 different drugs and illustrate them based on how it feels to have them in your system.

Daily Social, in no way promotes/endorses the consumption of drugs. This article is in sheer appreciation of the psychedelic art created by Brian, who himself had no motive of consuming drugs and encouraging that. His goal was only to experience the high to put it into expression.

“The Binge project is inspired by my early explorations with psychedelics and electronic music parties,” Pollet told Bored Panda. “At this point in my life, I desire to express what I’ve learned from psychedelics, the creative process, and electronic music.”

Brian put up his pictures on his website, along with what he was feeling while working on it, and the creations are simply amazing. Especially when you club them up with what he penned down.

“I wanted to create opportunities to educate, whether related to psychedelics or art,” he told A Plus.

1. Day One: Butylone


2. Day Two: G.H.B


3. Day Three: Codeine


“My initial idea was to make myself a representative of these people; a simple person they can relate to and feel less judged,” Pollett says, trying to talk on behalf of all those people who chose to go for drugs for medical purposes or recreational purposes, and get judged.

4. Day Four: T.H.C


5. Day 5: Alcohol


6. Day 6: Nitrous


7. Day 7: Cocaine


Brian made sure that he took all the necessary care and precautions before taking up this binge project, so that he doesn’t in any way encourage people to randomly follow his steps.

“I’ve done years of research, I understand the effects both emotionally and chemically. I used drug testing kits to ensure I was taking the correct substance, and I was always in the comfort of my studio while listening to my favorite music,” he told A Plus.

8. Day 8: Psilocybin


9. Day 9: 4-Ho-MIPT


10. Day Ten: Poppers


11. Day Eleven: DMT


12. Day Twelve: Ether


13. Day Thirteen: 25I


Talking about the effect and influence of these drugs, Brain mentioned that MXE, the next drug on his list enhanced his creativity the most.

“Imagine the past, future, and linear time are gone. You can just focus on your existence in the present. The idea of tomorrow is laughable. I can create art without concern of outsider judgment, without over analyzing my process, and intuitively enjoy creating the most honest work.”

14. Day Fourteen: MXE


15. Day Fifteen: MDMA


16. Day Sixteen: MDMA


18. Day Seventeen: AMPHETAMINE


18. Day Eighteen: MESCALINE


19. Day Nineteen: LSD


Upon reaching the end of his project, he chose to experience the strongest of all, Love. Yes, Love according to him is the drug we all have had our myriad experiences with, the addiction, the high and the lows. It has the capacity to take you to the highest of heavens to the deepest of hells. And the rsiky part is, you have no control over the end.

“For me, love uplifts a person or an idea to help them reach their highest potential. Much like the hundreds of after parties I’ve attended coming out of my trips, the project only felt right being concluded with love. Love for my family, friends, supporters helping me reach my highest potential,”

20. Day Twenty: LOVE


Art By Brian Pollett 

(h/t: aplus)
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