Artist Makes Fruit Look Sexy In Her Provocative Videos On Instagram

Stephanie Sarley is an illustrator, printmaker and video artist based in Oakland, California. Like many others, she also uses Instagram as a platform to promote her work.

Here’s the catch, though.
Instagram considers her work to be “sexually suggestive content” and has taken down her account thrice.

See Stephanie doesn’t dabble in landscapes or pottery; she makes suggestive art portraying the vaginal and clitoral orgasm using fruit.

Back in 2016, Stephanie uploaded a short video of her finger gently rubbing and probing a juicy, halved blood orange on the photo-sharing app. The video went viral and her following increased overnight.

What has since followed is a series of videos that feature her fondling oranges, papayas, lemons, limes, even cucumbers.

Giving new meaning to the term “forbidden fruit”, the videos are bold, unconventional, and to put it mildly, provocative.

The young artist, whose work has always been inspired by the “psychology of kink”, says the purpose of the series is to normalize non-phallic sexuality and challenge society’s aversion to the vagina.

Stephanie forces her 276k followers on Instagram to look the fruit right in the…for lack of a better term…weewee as she gently touches and teases it, before plunging her fingers into it. Some of the fruits squirt. Others gush, while some merely moisten in surrender, their pleasure suggested by the rising and falling of the music.
Citrus fruits are her favourites, but she also likes working with melons for their seed qualities. She says she wants to explore all the fruits in the world!

While some people consider her a genius, there are still those whose reaction to her art is shock, laughter, or being grossed out. Some people even steal her work to make distasteful memes but as long as they give her due credit, Stephanie isn’t complaining.

“The video is basically about personifying and empowering vaginas through humour and absurdity, and the acceptance of female sexuality at large, “ says Stephanie, whose art is definitely bringing female sexuality to the forefront.
And while she waits for that to happen, she’s relishing every bit of the power she seems to wield over rightists with just her finger.

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