Artist Illustrates 10 Worst Feelings In The World With A Humorous Approach

We all go through certain moments that leave us feeling awful with a sick feeling in the stomach, every time they occur. 


Don’t you absolutely hate it when you get up from the table with your earphones still connected to the laptop leading to an entire chain of events that include the laptop and the coffee mug falling down? Or the feeling of sitting on a wet toilet seat? Or the moment when you take a hot sip of tea leading to a mini volcano on the tip of your tongue?


Artist Jacob Andrews illustrated 10 Objectively Worst Feelings in the World, in a hilarious manner and we can’t help but relate to every single one of it. These issues are life or death related, there are just the first world problems of the worst kind and that’s exactly what makes them so relatable.

Don’t we all go through all of these at least once on a daily routine? Let us know which one is your ‘worst feeling of the world’ and if it’s not a part of the list, share yours in the comment section!

Image Credits: Jacob Andrews 

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