Arnab Goswami Threatened With Imprisonment If He Says ‘Nation Wants To Know’ Ever Again!

If there was ever a phrase that defined Arnab Goswami, it is ‘Nation Wants To Know’. The man has been using this phrase for two decades and it has formed a pivotal moment in his career. He left Times Now as editor-in-chief to start his own venture ‘The Republic’. This move ruffled a few feathers in the media and journalism circuit.

There is a real possibility that he might get into trouble for using his catchphrase in future. He received a legal notice from a media group threatening him with imprisonment for using the phrase ‘Nation wants to know’.

Arnab Goswami, however, not the one to be bullied, took to Facebook to talk about this.

Although he didn’t name any names, it does not take much time to take a rough guess. According to his words, the said media house has tried every trick to dissuade ‘The Republic’. Guess, The Republic journalists will have to be their¬†own warriors and fight this battle for existence.

PS: For selfish interests of keeping things exciting on the internet, if Arnab cannot use his words, what will happen to our memes, our jokes, and puns! There will no more be brilliance like this on the internet.

Arnab goswami

arnab goswami

Don’t be shy, come on admit it, you do don’t you. You sly creature!

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