A.R. Rahman Was Asked To Change His Name If He Wanted To Be Accepted In Bollywood

AR Rahman is rightly called The Mozart of Madras.

AR Rahman is the music maestro that all of India recognizes. We grew up listening to him, crooning his songs. His knack for impeccable melodies and composing brilliant soundtracks make him the best person for the job. He is world renowned and was even nominated for Oscars.


Seeing the immense talent that he possesses, it is surprising to know that he was once discouraged from entering Bollywood just because he was from the South. In an interview with Bombay Times he was quoted saying:

“I come from the South, from Chennai. In those days people used to tell me, ‘Nobody can cross this wall and nobody will help you enter Mumbai.’ I was also told to change my name. But they just turned out to be stories. Everyone accepted me here just as I was — AR Rahman. You guys embraced me with love. There was so much of joy as you all celebrated me. And not only that, when I stand here today in India, I experience the cherished memories I have of the time when I started in the ’90s.”


Is there an award the Bombay and Dil Se hitmaker has not won?! From your regular Filmfares to the prestigious National Award and Padma Shri to Grammys and BAFTA, he has an envious collection of trophies in his stash.

Had he listened to the naysayers, the world would have missed his musical genius.

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