Indians Are In No Mood To Forgive Apple For Stealing This Classic Hindi Song In Their New Ad

When you think of iPhone, you definitely do not think of Bollywood. Or Hindi songs in general. But this is where you are wrong.

iPhone is known for its innovation and path-breaking inventions in technology. It has proved its innovation in the marketing departments as well with their gorilla marketing techniques that ensure that fans line up for miles everytime a new model is in store. Their latest attempt is an advert.

This advert takes place in what seems to be an American high school. The advertisement focus on the  ‘Face Unlock’ feature which basically unlocks your phone with facial recognition. Instead of opting for a boring commercial, they went all out and created a fun ad. With one glitch – using an RD Burman song without giving him the credit!

The soundtrack is the popular song Meri Nazar Hai Tujh Pe from the film  The Burning Train. The greats RD Burman and Asha Bhosle lent their voices to the track. The song was originally composed by RD Burman.

This is the tweet that got Apple in trouble. The music producer clearly stated that he produced the tune for the advert. This did not go well with the desi-fans.

Indians jumped on the bandwagon to tell the producer and Apple off. The fact that this was not even a cover but a direct lift from the original track did sit right with them. All this without credit is grounds for serious copyright litigations.








The Intellectual Property (IP) has been bone of contention with Apple. Surprising that they do not take plagiarism lightly from others, however, have no qualms breaking the rules themselves.

C’mon Apple how about credit where it is due!

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